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Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

National Student Loans Service Centre

The National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) manages your student loan. You must register for an NSLSC account to receive and manage your OSAP funding.​

It is very important that you remain in contact with the NSLSC as your lender. It is your responsibility to contact the NSLSC with any updates regarding your contact information, to consolidate your loan and to ensure you are aware of what you must do to keep your record in good standing with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) and the NSLSC.​

Reminder: it is essential that you keep your OSAP file up to date to maintain or build good credit.​

Services available through your NSLSC account include:​

  • Funding Confirmation messages
  • Updated End of Study Date messages
  • Period of Study End Date Reminder messages

  • T4A Tax Slips
  • Your Loan Statement
  • Income Tax Receipt (for interest paid on your loans)

If you are not receiving OSAP funding for a study period, submit a Continuation of Interest-Free Status (CIFS) on your OSAP account so that your loan(s) remain interest-free while you study.

  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Other contact information

Increase or decrease your monthly payment amount.

If you have been out of post-secondary studies for more than 6 months and are not able to make repayments, you can apply for the Repayment Assistance Plan (RSP). If you qualify for the RAP, you will have reduced or no monthly payments for up to six months at a time.