FAQs - Marketing

Please contact us if you can't find the answer to your question in the lists below.

Can the WE ARE HUMBER graphic panel be set in one single solid colour?
  1. Yes, the WE ARE HUMBER graphic panel can be set in a single solid colour when the need for simplicity exists or when printing is limited to one or two colours.
  2. The preferred treatment is to use black or white for the top panel and a secondary brand colour for bottom panel, creating more differentiation between the words WE ARE and HUMBER.

WE ARE HUMBER - one colour and two colours

While a single colour is acceptable, the preferred treatment is to use a different colour for each panel.

When should I use the Humber logo versus the WE ARE HUMBER graphic panel?
  1. The Humber logo can be placed on all Humber-related communications and materials in conjunction with the WE ARE HUMBER graphic panel. OR the logo can be used on its own.

WE ARE HUMBER graphic panel usage example

WE ARE HUMBER" replaces the "more for you" tagline

Can we play with the opacity in the graphic panel (behind the transparent letters)?

Yes, the transparency can be adjusted for improved legibility.

What’s the correct font?

ITC Franklin Gothic Condensed Family – Demi Condensed and Book Condensed.

Do you have a video for the new brand?

We do not have a video brand guide but we have the brand guide. It is available on the Brand Standards page and will outline all main elements of our Humber brand. 

Can the WE ARE HUMBER graphic panel be inserted in an email signature?

Yes. To insert the graphic panel into your email, go to humber.ca/brand/templates-marketing-tools. Your email signature should also include Humber’s full name: Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning.


Are the photos used for the calendars, viewbooks and other brand images taken with a blue tint?

Yes, the photos incorporate cool blue tints to provide a more neutral effect that complements the graphic panels and colours. 

Are the business cards on the brand website? How do I order cards?

Humber Purchasing will continue to manage the business card program.  Complete the business card order form.

WE ARE HUMBER business card example