Humber Brand Guides & Standards

A brand is not simply a logo or a tagline. It is a whole identity built on a foundation of values and goals that represent Humber. We want to communicate to our audiences in a consistent and engaging voice and look.

Please refer to the publications below for the brand guidelines which review the advertising themes we are using and how to execute these themes in your marketing materials. The quick reference guides are short, specific content sheets that help staff, faculty and their vendors use the brand correctly.


Humber’s brand identity intuitively balances Humber’s history and heritage with imagery and messaging that communicates contemporary relevance, innovation and leadership in the 21st century. It is built on a powerful foundation of our core values, vision and promise.. Our brand unifies us and provides us opportunities to focus perceptions and build value in our relationships with key audiences — students, partners, alumni and the Humber community.