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Continuous Professional Learning Portal Guides

How-To Create a Learner Account

This is an overview of how you, as the Learner will create your account in order to register and purchase in a Non-Post-Secondary (NPS) course at Humber College. NPS courses could include Tractor Trailer In-Vehicle Training, Search Engine Optimization, Collaboration and Partnerships etc.

Create an Account Overview Video

How to Create a learner account demo

A short video that walks you, the learner, through creating a Humber account. An account is needed to access a number of functions within the learner portal including registration for a Continuous Professional Learner (CPL) course.

Humber Public Course Catalog

You begin this process on the Humber public course catalog. After finding a desired NPS course, you add it to your cart and click the Checkout option to proceed.


After clicking “Checkout” option, you are presented with options to continue/login as an existing user or to create a brand-new learner account with Humber. Since new Humber learners must have an account before registering into any NPS course; we’ll click the “Create Account” option to proceed.

Create Account

After clicking the Create Account option, you are presented with an Email availability page which checks if you already have an account with Humber based on the email address you provide. A One-Time-Pin (OTP) is then sent to you to validate the authenticity of the email address.

You will need to provide the OTP on the webpage in order to proceed with the new account creation process.


After validating the email ID using the OTP, you will be prompted to provide more personal information such as their first name, last name, date of birth, etc.

Once you submit the form, this successfully creates the new learner account, and a copy of the account details is sent to the email address you provided on record.

Profile Page

You will need to access your email to retrieve the new login credentials, this may take a few minutes. Once you log into the learner portal for the first time, you will be presented a profile page in order to provide additional information and communication preferences before clicking the “Continue Checkout” option.


The Continue Checkout option displays the Payment Page showing you the selected course item in your Shopping Cart, the available payment options and the mandatory attestation to the Humber Registration Policies.

After you attest to the policies, click the “Continue Checkout” option to proceed.


This “Continue Checkout” option automatically takes you to a Moneris payment page which collects your card details and processes the payment for your NPS registration.

Please note: your card information is NOT saved by Humber; this is only required for payment processing.

Provide your card details such as the Cardholder name, Card Number, Expiry date and click the “Process Transaction” option to proceed.

Receipt Page

The Receipt page is displayed within the learner portal showing the details of the transaction and a copy of the receipt is sent to your email address on record.

You can review your recent registration(s) via your learner portal under the My Enrollment History option.