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Employee Awards

Excellence in Teaching Award

The Humber Award for Excellence in Teaching is an annual award recognizing one (1) Humber educator for Excellence in Teaching and for nurturing the broader institutional learning environment. A nominee should be an individual who is widely recognized for their teaching and academic inquiry within the Faculty, supports the educational excellence of colleagues, and embodies a spirit of instructional innovation.

All current Humber academic faculty (all categories of teaching staff, including part-time and continuing education) are eligible for this award. Employees may be nominated more than once, but may not receive the award more than once in a three-year period.

The criteria for Excellence in Teaching Award are based upon a comprehensive, robust view of teaching in all teaching formats and modalities. Nominations for the award are to be based on a nominee's demonstrated excellence in all four of the Excellence in Teaching Framework categories listed below:

Excellence In Teaching Framework Categories Description

A. Excellence in Teaching Practice

Demonstrates a superior command of:

  • enacting pedagogical knowledge within their disciplinary area,
  • creating a learning environment which fosters and nurtures learners’ thinking and understanding,
  • using a wide and appropriate range of teaching and learning methods effectively
  • using a wide and appropriate range of assessment techniques to support student learning and demonstrate learning objectives
  • providing students with timely, helpful assesment and feedback to support and strengthen learning,
  • demonstrating a commitment to equity and guarantee an equal and inclusive learning environment,
  • integrating scholarly activity into instruction

B. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Research

Uses innovative, inquiry and/or experimental teaching as a form of research and/or scholarship that connects accros disciplines and platforms.

Exemplifies good teaching which promotes student learning and desired outcomes, is peer reviewed and recognized by students and student satisfaction measures.

Faculty makes this scholarship of teaching a peer-reviewed, publically available and rewarding experience.

C. Implementing Innovations in Teaching and Learning

Promotes student-centered and inquiry-based learning and critial thinking. Uses new instructional strategies for student engagement and/or initiatives involving the incorporations of digital technologies to enhance and/or extend student learning.

D. Stewardship and Professional Development - Building a Learning Community

Demonstrates educational leadership which encourages others to act collectively in the best interest of students. This might include:

  • leading projects design to enrich the student learning experience,
  • coaching colleagues on the innovative use of media and new technologies,
  • providing workshops on developing and enriching instructional practices
  • actively participate in teaching and learning research and the dissemination of findings

Award recipients will receive the following:

  • A plaque recognizing excellence in teaching

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