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Admission Requirements


Before registering for the Broker Qualifying Exam, Learners should understand and meet the admission requirements.

  • The Real Estate Education Programs’ components and support services are delivered in English. Learners should possess strong English writing, comprehension and speaking skills in order to be able to successfully complete the program.
  • Learners must use their full legal name, as required by RECO for registration as a broker when qualifying for the Real Estate Broker Program.
  • The Broker Qualifying Exam is a requirement to getting started with the Real Estate Broker Program and is designed to test working knowledge on the key areas involved in the trading of real estate in Ontario.
  • Successful completion of the Real Estate Broker Program is one of the requirements to register with RECO as a real estate broker. Visit the RECO website for more information about all requirements.

Note: If you are not a registered real estate salesperson in Ontario and are interested in starting a career in real estate, you must first complete the Real Estate Salesperson Program.

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In order to qualify to enroll in the Real Estate Broker Program, you must have completed courses in both real estate law and commercial transactions.

If you completed the required courses, your OREA student record would reflect passing grades for the following courses:

  1. Real Property Law; AND
  2. One of the following commercial courses:
    • The Commercial Real Estate Transaction
    • Phase 3 Commercial
    • Phase 3 ICI

Should you need to verify your course history, contact OREA: or 1-866-411-6732.

If you have not completed the required courses, you must complete the equivalent course requirements through Humber College before enrolling in the Real Estate Broker Program:

If you did not complete at OREA:

Real Property Law

You must complete at Humber:

  • Course 1: Real Estate Essentials
  • Exam 1: Invigilated Theory Exam

If you did not complete at OREA:

The Commercial Real Estate Transaction

You must complete at Humber:

  • Course 4: Commercial Real Estate Transactions
  • Exam 4: Invigilated Theory Exam
  • Go to the Learner Portal Log-In page and follow the prompt under New User to create an account
  • Ensure to use your full legal name as registered with RECO
  • Upon completion, you will receive an email from Humber with your username and password.

Application Form

  • Note that all fields are mandatory
  • Applications will take 10-15 business days to process.
  • A confirmation of receipt of application will be sent to you.
  • Once your application is processed, Humber College will contact you via email with a direct link to register in your course.
  • Do not attempt to register for a course on the program website as you will not be authorized to proceed.


Accommodations are provided to learners with both temporary and permanent disabilities. Learners who are in the process of being assessed by a health care provider may be eligible to receive interim accommodations. In accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, you are not required to disclose your specific diagnosis in order to receive accommodations. However, documentation outlining the functional impacts of your disability will help us understand your strengths and challenges so that we can determine the most appropriate accommodations to support your learning. All documentation submitted to the Real Estate Program Office is treated as strictly confidential. We will not provide your disability-related documentation to a third party unless you request we do so, in writing.

To request accommodations, please see the Requesting Accommodations process.

Requests for accommodations must be sent and confirmed prior to registration in a program component (course, exam, or simulation session).

Ready to qualify for the Real Estate Broker Program?