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Get Practice-Ready

Designed with the help of practicing real estate professions, the Real Estate Salesperson Program helps learners become practice-ready from day one.

Flexible Program

Control your schedule with a flexible program without the limitations of a semester-based program.

Industry Ready

Learn online with easy to access, industry ready material.

Designed for Success

Master real estate transactions in a program designed for your success.


Interactive classroom and Simulation Sessions ensure you are practice-ready on day one.

Key Advantages


The Real Estate Salesperson Program features practical simulation sessions that allow learners to apply their knowledge to real-life scenarios in a safe environment. Hosted in a structured and interactive environment, requiring mandatory attendance, learners receive coaching and support from facilitators who are industry experts.

Developed by a team of experienced real estate professionals along with experts in learning and development, these sessions are a response to an industry ask that new salespeople have hands-on, real-world experience even before they enter the profession.

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The Real Estate Salesperson Program consists of a combination of mandatory eLearning courses, theory examinations and simulation sessions. Mirroring the flow of a real estate transaction, the program weaves in key legal elements while giving learners a mix of theory and practical knowledge. This will better enable new registrants to navigate a real estate transaction on behalf of buyers and sellers from day one. The program’s structure and intensive learning opportunities will raise the bar and deliver to RECO’s vision for learners to be practice-ready on day one.


The Knowledge Management System (KMS) is a free support tool that will help raise the bar and enhance professional standards. in order to provide better service for clients. Offering quick tips, checklists, job aids and guidance (for example a checklist of what could be included in a listing package) to use in the field, the KMS is an invaluable feature for learners and registrants alike. Learners and all registrants will have access to the KMS as long as they are registered with RECO. The goal of the KMS is to help enable success for the long-term.

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Facilitated Review Sessions will supplement learning and provide additional direction on more complex areas of the program. The FRS will be optional to learners looking for additional support and will be available at a modest price for each three-hour session completed. The FRS will be offered virtually or in-person at locations across Ontario, based on demand. The FRS will provide learners with enhanced learning opportunities to support their success. Each FRS runs for three hours covering a number of topics.