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Pay as You Go

The Real Estate Broker Program follows a pay as you go model. That means you pay for each component of the program as you progress through the program instead of paying the total program fees all at once.

For example, when you register for Course 1, you only pay for Course 1. Upon completion of Course 1, you can register and pay for Course 2. This pay as you go structure helps you manage the expenses of embarking on a new career.

The total fee for the Real Estate Broker Program is $1,560.00.

a broker showing a house to a couple

Broker Program Fees

Item Fee
Broker Qualifying Exam $110
Course 1: Planning and Start-Up $250
Course 2: Business Management $250
Course 3: Human Resources  $250
Course 4: Ongoing Oversight  $250
Wrap-Up Session: Bringing it All Together $340
Broker Final Exam $110
Broker Program Cost $1,560


Additional Fees

Additional fees may apply to the Real Estate Broker Program.

Item Fee
Examination Retake Fee $110
Drop/Transfer/Re-scheduling Fee $50
Credit Card Chargeback Fee $30