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Post-Registration Phase

To be eligible to renew your registration at the end of your initial two-year registration cycle with RECO, you must complete the Post-Registration Phase. Complete the mandatory compliance course and then complete any two of the remaining 5 electives.

NOTE: Successful completion of the Real Estate as an Investment Strategy: Commercial Properties (Fundamentals) is a prerequisite to registering for Real Estate as an Investment Strategy: Commercial Properties (Advanced).

Total Program Completion

Learners must finish the Post-Registration Phase within the initial two-year registration cycle with RECO in order to renew their registration.

Please note that the Post-Registration Phase is phase three of the Real Estate Salesperson Program. All learners who have completed the Pre-Registration Phase and have registered with RECO are eligible to enroll in the Post-Registration Phase.

Course Extensions

If you do not complete any given course within the allotted maximum access time, you are required to submit a formal extension request that, subject to the exceptional circumstances of your case, may or may not be approved.

If a course cannot be completed by the course's Last Access Date, learners are required to submit a formal extension request that, subject to exceptional circumstances, may or may not be approved. Supporting documentation must be provided when submitting the Course Extension Request Form.

To find the Last Access Date Learners must log into the Learner Portal and access their eLearning Courses.

The First Access Date

  • Learners first gain access to a course on this date.

The Recommended Completion Date

  • In order to stay on track with program progression, this is the date Learners should work towards to complete their course.

The Last Access Date

  • Learners must complete the course by this date.

Once you complete the course, the course materials remain available for 12 months.

If an extension request is not approved, Learners will be required to re-purchase the course.

Regardless of any course extensions, learners must complete all requirements before the end of the initial two-year registration cycle to be eligible to renew registration with RECO.

Program Extensions

All Real Estate Salesperson Program Post-Registration Phase extension requests are approved by RECO. Considerations apply if you have a disability as defined under the Ontario Human Rights Code that has affected your ability to complete your course requirements.  Please visit the following RECO webpage for more information: Educational Accommodation.

For Pre-Registration Phase Extension requests based on an accommodation, please see the Accessibility and Accommodations Policy.

How to Register for an Exam

How to purchase and book an exam

Watch the video to learn how to register for an exam  


Steps To Purchase And Book An Exam

*  You must complete Steps 1 and 2 in order to secure a seat for your exam.


Step 1: Purchase an Exam

  1. Click on Search.
  2. In the results returned, find a Date where your preferred Exam Centre location is available.
  3. Click on Purchase an exam for this date and complete the purchase.

Step 2: Book an Exam

Get Further Detailed Instructions  

  1. Once purchase of the exam is completed, click on Learner Portal in the main navigation.
  2. Click on My Exams.
  3. Click on Select an Exam Centre.
  4. Choose an Exam Centre from the dropdown list.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the Date of the exam section.
  7. Select a Timeslot.
  8. Click on Book Timeslot.


How Do I Confirm My Exam is Booked

To confirm an exam booking, log into the Learner Portal and select My Exams. You will be able to verify your exam date and time, and the location of the booking.


I am Unable to Book An Exam. The System Keeps Giving Me a Validation Error Message. What Do I Do

An error message may appear for the following reasons:

  • Learner has not successfully completed the prerequisite course prior to an exam booking. To ensure you have completed the course, log into the Learner Portal, go to My Enrollment History to view course status.
  • There are pending purchases in your shopping cart. To rectify this, log into the Learner Portal to clear any pending purchases. Once the cart is clear, you can proceed with an exam purchase.


How to Register for a Course

Watch the video to learn how to register for a course

Watch the video to learn how to register for a course  


How Do I Access Courses Once it is Completed

To access completed courses, log into the Learner Portal and select My Enrollment History. There will be two tabs: Enrolled and Completed. Select the Completed tab to access the courses.

<See: How to Access Completed Courses>


I Am Unable to Register for a Course/I Keep Receiving An Error Message Info

An error message may appear for the following reasons:

  • Learner does not have an Approved Application. To check the status of your application, log into the Learner Portal, go to My Applications to view standing.
  • Learner has not successfully completed/pass the prerequisite examination to be eligible to register for the subsequent course. To ensure you meet the prerequisite for course registration, log into the Learner Portal, go to My Enrollment History to view exam status.