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Humber Statement About Learner Misconduct

December 20, 2021

Since the November 2 update, the Real Estate Education Program has continued its internal investigation into the small number of learners who participated in deliberate and organized misconduct during their exam completion. As a result, Humber is rescinding the program credential or completion status for some of these learners as they no longer satisfy the corresponding requirements. We have also notified the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) of these cases. RECO will apply any disciplinary action, as required.

This group represents the second batch of learners who have been investigated with exams completed prior to June 2021. The program continues to investigate individuals suspected of learner misconduct. Additional cases may result in the rescinding of a learner’s program credential or completion status with the corresponding notification to RECO, as required by policy.

As indicated previously, the Real Estate Education Program, delivered by Humber College, takes academic misconduct seriously. Academic integrity is critical to the institution and all programs. The real estate profession rests on a foundation of honesty and integrity. Humber will continue to review and monitor previous, current and future exams, and will address any cases of suspicious behaviour or learner misconduct on an individual basis. The program seeks to uphold these values and provide learners with the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge they need to enter the industry.

Real Estate Education Program learners are expected to act ethically, honestly and with integrity in all learning and professional matters. All learners are responsible for familiarizing themselves with and abiding by the policy on learner integrity. This responsibility includes giving due consideration to the deterrent effect of reporting such offences when they occur, making one's disapproval of such behavior obvious, and helping to ensure that the Real Estate Education Program community does not encourage or facilitate learner dishonesty. Please carefully review Learner Misconduct Policy and all other policies.