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Get a Humber Education From Wherever You Happen To Be

Online full-time programs may be offered Daytime, or a combination of Evenings and/or Saturdays. Check program details to see dates and times.

Study at Humber and benefit from online learning platforms that bring education to you, wherever you are, using the internet, digital classroom platforms and different types of software. Online courses are designed by Humber faculty using a common set of design principles: simplicity, usability and accessibility.

Humber is committed to giving you a great learning experience. The digital classroom allows students to:

  • interact and collaborate with their peers
  • contribute to class dialogue
  • learn various ways to create digital content
  • make connections outside of the classroom
  • develop digital fluency skills

Learners can also access supports and tools to help them succeed in their online studies.

New Online Ontario Graduate Certificates

Two new programs have been added to the Humber line up of online Ontario Graduate Certificates. Clinical Bioinformatics and Infection Prevention and Control will broaden our programming in the health sciences and wellness fields.

Online Options Offered Evenings and Weekends

Get postgraduate education online, evenings & weekends from a recognized institution. Marketing Management, Human Resources Management and Cloud Computing programs are delivered outside of daytime work hours allowing professionals the opportunity to further education while they continue to work. You will benefit from having postgraduate education on your resume from the largest and most connected college in Canada.

Understanding Humber's Online Course Delivery

At Humber, courses in online programs are delivered in a variety of formats:

Online Asynchronous (A)

An online asynchronous course has no fixed class schedule and allows students to engage with the course at different times according to their needs. Faculty provide modules, which are completed independently by the students according to established deadlines.

Online Synchronous (S)

An online synchronous course is delivered fully online and requires faculty and students to participate in real-time according to a fixed schedule. Classes are scheduled for a specific day and time.


A hybrid course is a combination of in-person and online classes and follows a set schedule. Students must be available to attend in-person classes at scheduled times during the semester.

The course chart on the program pages outline the delivery options available for each course in this program. For some academic terms, there may be more than one delivery option available. You’ll be able to select your preferred options when building your course schedule during open enrolment. Preferences for course delivery will be considered on a first come, first served basis. Some Humber programs are also delivered fully online, where all courses are delivered online.

International students: the impact of studying from outside of Canada on Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) eligibility differs significantly based on when you start your program. Please review the PGWP eligibility before choosing your program and course delivery.

Find the Right Program for You

A Humber education helps you go from classroom to career, gaining real-world experience along the way. Our programs blend theory and hands-on learning, giving you the opportunity to gain practical experience in small classes and learn from expert faculty who have extensive industry experience.

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We Are With You All The Way

We are committed to your success. The vibrant and inclusive Humber community is evident in our hallways and in our virtual classrooms. In-person and virtual support services give students more flexibility in how they access what they need. Here is our committment to Humber students.


83% of employers believe Humber graduates are well-prepared for work*


97% of employers are satisfied with the quality of work*


84% of Humber grads are employed six months after graduation*


95% of graduates would recommend Humber to someone else*

*We’re proud to have the highest graduate employment rate of the GTA colleges at 83.6% and the highest employer satisfaction rate of the GTA colleges at 96.6% based on Colleges Ontario’s key performance indicators for college graduates in 2022-2023.