Do I need my own Ontario Health Insurance Card to see the doctor?

All students whose permanent residence is Ontario require their own Ontario Health Insurance Card. Application forms are available in Health Services or on-line at

I am from another province. Can I use my provincial health card to see the doctor?

Students from other provinces are covered by the Health Insurance of their home province, providing it is up-to-date.

Can I use my Quebec health card to see the doctor?

All provincial health cards except for Quebec are accepted. If you are a student from Quebec you will be asked to pay for your medical services up front. You will need to submit your receipt of payment to the Quebec government to get reimbursed. You are able to find out approximate fees for some medical services on-line or at the health centre. (Amounts are subject to change based on OHIP fee schedule).

Where do I pick up my International Health Insurance card?

To find out where to pick up your insurance card please visit the International Student Services website

What if my health card is expired or I don’t have a health card?

If your health card is expired or you do not have a health card you may see the nurse. If the nurse advises that you should see a doctor you will have to pay up front for the doctor’s services, whether it is the college doctor or an outside clinic. You can see a doctor without a health card for STI testing or pre-natal care at a Community Health Centre.

What does my student health insurance cover?

IGNITE administers the Flexible Health & Dental Insurance Plan, in which all full-time students are automatically enrolled. Please visit their site ( for more information.  

My family doctor is back home and it is too far for me to go to see her. How can I find a family doctor in my area?

If you are a part-time Humber College Student or you are looking for a family doctor in your area, you can find an Ontario doctor through the CPSO website -

Do I have any Dental or Extended Health Care Benefits while I am a Humber student?

If you are a full-time student, you are automatically covered under the Flexible Health & Dental Insurance Plan. To learn more, visit the IGNITE website, 

Where can I fill my prescriptions?

Please visit Health Services for pharmacy locations close to each campus. 

If I come into the Health Centre and see the doctor or nurse for a medical concern (i.e. STI testing, mental health concern, chronic condition monitoring etc.) will my parents/teachers/the college find out?

Health Services maintains students’ confidentiality and privacy in all our interactions with you. As health care professionals, we are not allowed to release any medical information to outside sources without your written consent.
Be advised that all STI testing results are also sent to Toronto Public Health. In the case of a positive STI result a Public Health nurse may contact you.

Would I be able to see a doctor now?

Our doctors usually see booked appointments only. You are always able to see a nurse about any concern you might have. There are local walk-in clinics and urgent care centers you may visit if you would like to see a doctor.

How can I get birth control at the Health Centre?

To get birth control you will first need to see the nurse for birth control counselling. Then you will need to book an appointment with the campus doctor to get a prescription.

How long will I wait to see the nurse for a walk-in appointment?

Depending on patient flow and booked appointments, waiting times may vary. During the lunch hour from approximately 12pm-2pm, fewer nurses are available so you may have to wait for a longer period of time. As there is a shortage of space in the waiting room, please ask your colleagues/friends to wait outside Health Services until your appointment is finished.

Can a nurse write me a prescription?

Nurses cannot write prescriptions for medications. You must see the doctor to get a prescription.

When should I book my Paramed appointment?

You are advised to book a Paramed appointment only when all of your immunization records and other requirements are complete.

How long will it take to get a clinical placement passport?

Depending on what your immunization requirements are, this process can take up to several weeks or longer. See your family doctor or book an appointment with one of our doctors as early as possible to get your passport in time to meet your placement deadlines.

What kind of services do you have?

You can walk-in to see the nurse or book an appointment to see the doctor. Check out our services.

Do you have eye exams here?

Health Services does not have an optometrist on staff. Visit to find an optometrist in your area.

Do you have a dentist here?

There is no dentist available at Health Services. 

There is a dental office located at the North campus. Please visit for location, hours of operation and information on services provided. 

Do you have counseling services here?

Health Services does not have counsellors. Students may walk-in to see the nurse to discuss any concerns including mental health. Counselling services are available on campus by appointment with some walk-in hours.

Do you have a psychiatrist here?

Health Services does not have a psychiatrist on site. You may book an appointment with the doctor for the appropriate referral.

Can I use this clinic for my family?

Health Services is strictly for use by full-time students.

What about Dental Hygiene?

Full dental services are available at the on-campus dental clinic, including teeth cleaning, whitening, polishing, complete assessments/emergency exams, xrays, fillings, extractions, and referrals. Most services are covered under your Flexible Health & Dental Insurance Plan. 

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