Staying Healthy While at Home:

  • Stay connected: video call, phone, or text your friends and family
  • Find a hobby: -on your own or through an online class -try out cooking at home
  • Exercise from home: -check out at “” -check out YouTube for free workout videos
  • Identify something you’re grateful for everyday!
  • Go on walks: get some fresh air and exercise (in a physically distant way)
  • Stay hydrated: drink water regularly
  • Prioritize your sleep: National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours for students
  • End your day with self-care: -have that last stretch -try meditating

Staying Healthy While at Home flyer

Nutritional Inexpensive Eating Tips:

  • Expand your meal prep: check out new recipes online, such as the Dietitians of Ontario’s “”
  • Invest in grains: most grains are on the cheaper side, such as beans, rice, whole wheat pasta, and oats!
  • Buy in bulk: results cheaper than buying less and more often
  • Don’t buy what you don’t need!
  • Buy frozen fruit and vegetables: don’t spoil as quickly, same nutritional value!
  • Check the sales: look out for 50% off stickers too!
  • Snatch seasonal fruit and vegetables: often cheaper, in season now: mandarins, grapefruit, and apples
  • Pack a lunch: saves money, more nutritional as you know what went in it, and you build a life skill!

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