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Humber students should be familiar with Humber Academic Regulations regarding Transfer, PLAR and Pathways in order to maximize the recognition of previous learning. This resource is an excerpt (6.0) from the full academic regulations document. To view the full document click on the link below. 

ACADEMIC REGULATIONS 6.0  Recognition of Previous Learning (Effective July 12, 2019) 

Humber’s strives to support the development of pathways for students and maximize student mobility. The primary purpose of recognizing previous post-secondary learning is to increase student access to post-secondary education at Humber by facilitating mobility within and between other recognized institutions and Humber. When possible, Humber will maximize a student’s ability to satisfy program requirements through transfer credit.

Humber’s Transfer Credit Policy is aligned with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) student mobility strategic plan, which supports a transparent and consistent transfer credit framework that will ensure student mobility success

Once the applicant has been approved for admission, the applicant may apply to have Humber assess previous postsecondary credentials for possible credential recognition, transfer of credit, and block transfer credit into a program (see Section 6.1 Definitions). The student may also apply to have previous formal or informal learning recognized through the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) processes. All requests for Transfer Credit, Block Transfer Credit and PLAR require the proper application form(s) and documentation and payment of any applicable fees, where appropriate.

Graduates from the same MTCU-approved programs will be awarded equal block transfer credit regardless of the originating institution. If a student has attended postsecondary institutions outside of the province of Ontario, the student’s transfer credit will be assessed on an individual basis.

In all transfer credit arrangements the academic integrity of Humber’s courses and programs will be protected and preserved.