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Humber students should be familiar with Humber Academic Regulations regarding Transfer, PLAR and Pathways in order to maximize the recognition of previous learning. This resource is an excerpt (6.0) from the full academic regulations document. To view the full document click on the link below. 

ACADEMIC REGULATIONS 6.0  Recognition of Previous Learning (Effective July 12, 2019) 

Course Equivalency

If a Humber student transfers from one program to another program within the same credential level at Humber, the student will be subject to a course equivalency policy and process.

Course equivalency for individual courses is awarded when a student is granted credit for Humber credit work completed previous to their current program. That Humber credit work must be equivalent in content to credit work covered in the course/unit in question. No other course needs to be substituted.

A student may apply for course equivalency after having been admitted into a program. The student must initiate the course equivalency process by submitting a completed Course Equivalency Form to the Office of the Registrar.

Upon request, the applicant may be required to submit institutionally issued course outlines for the courses appearing on her/his transcripts.

The Registrar, on the recommendation of the appropriate Associate Dean or designate, will grant students course equivalency. To earn a course equivalency, students must have earned a minimum passing grade of 50% in the completed course. The amount of credit granted will depend on the academic content of the applicant’s previous studies, the grades received, and the requirements of the program to which the applicant has been admitted.