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Humber students should be familiar with Humber Academic Regulations regarding Transfer, PLAR and Pathways in order to maximize the recognition of previous learning. This resource is an excerpt (6.0) from the full academic regulations document. To view the full document click on the link below. 

ACADEMIC REGULATIONS 6.0  Recognition of Previous Learning (Effective July 12, 2018) 

PLAR from Work Experience or Previous Work Placement

Applicants who can demonstrate knowledge and skills gained through previous postsecondary placements or work experience may apply for PLAR. The knowledge and skills must correspond to a specific Humber program and the Academic Faculty responsible for the program must have available a mechanism for assessing work experience credit. Students may receive no more than 50% of the work placement requirements (paid or unpaid experiences) once registered in a program.

It may be possible to receive credit for prior learning for a work term. Applicants will need to:

  1. analyze their prior learning and achievement gained through previous placement and/or work experience;
  2. compare the learning value of the previous placements/work experience to the specific program level work placement standards.

Credit will be awarded only for demonstrated learning value and not simply life/work experience. Specific requirements will vary from program to program but normally, applicants will be required to demonstrate skills and knowledge through the development of a portfolio (a collection of materials that document skills and knowledge against the degree level work placement qualifications standard.) The amount of credit given will be determined by the assessment of the portfolio and the quality of the evidence provided.

Applicants who wish to apply for PLAR must submit a PLAR Application along with the required documentation and assessment fees.

PLAR work equivalent hours will be kept on file in the Academic Faculty and combined with any remaining degree work placement credits before the completion of the work experience is documented on the student transcript as SAT (Satisfactory).

Note: Degree students who do not complete a work term, including any PLAR work credits, prior to the final academic semester of study will be required to defer the final academic semester requirement until the work term requirement is successfully completed.