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Humber students should be familiar with Humber Academic Regulations regarding Transfer, PLAR and Pathways in order to maximize the recognition of previous learning. This resource is an excerpt (6.0) from the full academic regulations document. To view the full document click on the link below. 

ACADEMIC REGULATIONS 6.0  Recognition of Previous Learning (Effective July 12, 2019) 

Awarding of a Second Credential

Humber is committed to recognizing learning common across curricula while ensuring that each credential earned recognises new learning by the student. The intent is not to allow a student to earn multiple credentials for studying the same subject areas and completing the same evaluation methods.

A student who has completed one credential at the College and wants to apply credits and courses toward a second credential, in a related or unrelated area of study, must meet the admission requirements for the second program and complete all outstanding credits.

A student must meet all the current standards and credential requirements of a program in order to be awarded a Humber College credential as outlined in the Academic Regulations, section 13.2 Graduation Requirements. Students must complete a volume of new learning for each subsequent credential. The volume of new work must be 25% to 40% unique for the subsequent credential. These courses must be completed at Humber in order to satisfy Humber’s residency requirement.

Courses considered for transfer to a second credential will be considered automatically for transfer if they have been completed within five years for core courses and 10 years for elective/breadth courses. Completed courses which exceed this time limit will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Students who have completed the highest level of a credential in a field of study do not qualify to receive credentials at a subordinate level.

Students who already received a credential for a given program that repeat the same program in whole or in part, are not eligible to receive a second credential for the same program.