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Payment and Funding Options

Funding Options

If your tuition will be paid by a government loan, sponsorship or other funding program, the information below will help you get started.

Students paying for their tuition and expenses independently without financial aid or other funding should refer to the Making Payments chart below to learn more about how payments can be made at Humber.

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is a financial aid program that can help students pay for college through grants and loans. Students who have applied and have been approved for OSAP funding for the full amount of their tuition will be considered to have arranged to pay the balance of their tuition fees and will be permitted to register for classes.

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Apply for OSAP 

Confirmation of Academic Standing or Enrolment is required to release RESP funds. To access RESP funds each term, students must:

  1. Pay their tuition deposit.
  2. Request that their RESP form be verified by the Office of the Registrar. The RESP form can be emailed to and should include the student's name and student number (N12345678). Please ensure the form is clearly legible with complete personal information and signatures, as required. Verified forms will be emailed back to the student.
  3. Submit the RESP form with the verification from the Office of the Registrar to the RESP provider.
  4. Pay the balance of tuition fees before registering for courses.

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A student's tuition and fees can be billed directly to a sponsor such as an employer or government agency, permitting the sponsor and student to enter into a 'third-party contract' with Humber. Both the sponsor and student are responsible for completing the necessary steps to confirm the third-party contract by the fee due dates outlined on the Academic Calendar. Students with a confirmed third-party contract will be considered to have arranged to pay the balance of their tuition fees and will be permitted to register for classes. 

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Sponsored Indigenous students are asked to submit both a Sponsorship Letter from their funding agency and sign Humber’s Student Sponsorship Agreement to have their tuition fees billed directly to the funding agency. Students entering into this third-party agreement will be considered to have arranged to pay the balance of their tuition fees and will be permitted to register for classes.

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Students receiving sponsorship from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) are asked to submit a sponsorship letter and sign a Student Sponsorship Agreement to be considered to have arranged to pay the balance of their tuition fees and to be permitted to register for classes.

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Students enrolled in a full-time program who may be studying part-time for an upcoming term must notify Humber of their intent to register in a part-time course load by submitting a Records/Registration E-form on MyHumber. Further information and next steps regarding registration and payment of the remaining balance will be provided by the Records and Registration team upon submitting the E-form.

Full-time OSAP students should visit to review OSAP eligibility and course load requirements in order to be fully informed about how changes to enrolment may affect funding.

International students should consult with the International Centre, as changes to enrolment may affect their status in Canada.

Students are encouraged to contact their program co-ordinator (PC) or book an appointment with a Career and Student Success Advisor before making changes to program enrolment.

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Find Your PC 

Book an Advising Appointment 

Students who require a reduced course load as an academic accommodation may be eligible for either a minimum of 40 per cent or 60 per cent course load, depending on the student’s needs and disability status, supported by documentation. Students will work closely with an accessibility consultant in Accessible Learning Services, their program co-ordinator and financial aid advisor, if appropriate, to ensure they understand and follow all academic progress and financial aid requirements before finalizing changes to their enrolment.

Students who require a reduced course load should do the following:

  1. Submit a Records/Registration E-form on MyHumber. Under the “How can we help you?” section, select ‘I would like to take a reduced course load (as per Accessible Learning Services)’. Please allow 3-5 business days for the Records and Registration team to verify the request by email.
  2. Pay the tuition deposit for the upcoming term (if not already complete).
  3. Register for courses after the Records and Registration team verifies the request by email.
  4. Pay outstanding fees within three business days following course registration. Fees owing will be posted on MyHumber > Student > Student Account & Fees > Account Detail for Term / Humber College Receipt immediately following course registration.

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Submit an E-Form 

Students with a documented permanent disability who require additional time to complete their program may be eligible to have their tuition fees reduced for final courses needed to complete their program. Eligible students will still be required to pay their program tuition fees, but additional courses beyond the length of their program will be capped at $20 per course plus ancillary fees until their program is completed. Students approved for the tuition cap will pay the posted or full course fee(s) when registering for their course(s). The Office of the Registrar will re-calculate the tuition and ancillary fees and issue a refund after the last day to drop courses for refund as noted on the Academic Calendar.

In order to determine eligibility, students can schedule an appointment with an accessibility consultant, who will submit their verification of eligibility to the Office of the Registrar. Students can register for the tuition cap any time prior to their final full semester but are encouraged to connect with Accessible Learning Services as early as possible.

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Better Jobs Ontario (formerly Second Career) is an Ontario government initiative that offers skills training and financial support for eligible laid-off workers, helping them find jobs in high-demand occupations in Ontario.

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Note: Better Jobs Ontario applicants must contact the Site Supervisor for Community Outreach and Workforce Development and the Admissions Advisor/Officer for their program to confirm the funding process before making or arranging for any payments to their student account.

Every province and territory in Canada offers a student financial aid program. Students should visit their home province’s student loan program website for more information about funding options.

Students must apply for government student aid through their home province if they are not considered an Ontario resident under the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) definition.

Students who have applied for out of province funding should contact directly with the notice of assessment from their home province’s student loan program. Please allow five business days for processing. Students will be notified on their MyHumber account and by email once their documents have been processed.

Contact Financial Aid 

Find more information about tuition and expenses, payment options and scholarships for international students.

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Couldn’t find what you needed? Contact or call 416.675.3111.

Payment Plan

Students may arrange to pay the balance of their tuition fees through a payment plan. Make sure to review the details of the payment plan to decide if this will be the right option for you.

  • The mandatory, non-refundable tuition deposit for the term must be paid via MyHumber.
  • An immediate down payment of the first instalment will be required upon arranging a payment plan.
  • As of Fall 2022, students will be required to pay a $35 non-refundable administrative fee each time a payment plan is arranged. This is not a Humber fee. The administrative fee is directly charged by and paid to Flywire, the payment plan management provider.
  • Students living in residence will have unpaid residence fees for the upcoming term included in their payment plan.

  • Students will need to set up automatic payments/withdrawals for the remaining instalments. 
  • Payment options include VISA/Mastercard or Direct Debit from a Canadian bank account. 
  • Direct Debit Bank Account (EFT) will require Account Holder Name, Institution Number, Transit Number, Bank Account Number (information found on a void cheque). 
  • VISA or Mastercard payments will be subject to a 2.25% service fee for each withdrawal. As it is not a Humber fee, the service fee will not appear as a transaction on MyHumber. Instead, this fee will appear as a separate item on the credit card statement.
  • Direct Debit Bank Account payments are not subject to a service fee.

  • Instalment payment dates are pre-determined and firm, and will be due as indicated on the payment plan.
  • The number of instalments required to pay the full balance will be four or less, depending on when the plan is activated. 
  • Students must ensure credit card or banking information is accurate and that sufficient funds are available for each scheduled withdrawal. 
  • If a payment is missed due to insufficient funds or inaccurate banking information, immediate payment of the missed instalment will be required, and the next instalment will still be due as scheduled. 
  • Any changes to credit card or direct debit bank account details must be made 48 hours before instalments are due to avoid disruption to the plan. 

  • Log in to MyHumber > Student > Student Account & Fees > Payment Plans to set up a payment plan.
  • Payment plans are managed by Flywire, and funds paid/collected are reflected on the MyHumber student account. 
  • For any questions about a payment plan, contact

Making Payments

A range of payment options are available. All payments must be made online. In-person payments are not accepted.

When making a payment through online banking, your Humber username (e.g. N00000000) is your "account number/reference number" and the "payee" is Humber College or Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. To avoid paying late fees, make sure you allow enough time for your payment to be processed. It could take between three to five business days for Humber to receive an online payment, so please plan accordingly.

Payments can be made using Visa or MasterCard by logging in to MyHumber > Student Account & Fees > Make a Payment/Account Detail for Term > Pay Now. A service fee will apply. The fee is billed at a rate of 2.25 per cent of the payment amount and is paid directly to Moneris Solutions. As it is not a Humber fee, the service fee will not appear as a transaction on MyHumber. Instead, this fee will appear as a separate item on the credit card statement.

Find out if a bank-issued student line of credit is right for you. Contact Financial Aid or your financial institution (bank) for more information.

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Keeping Track of Important Due Dates


Tuition Calculator

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Calculate Minimum Weekly Payment

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  • This calculator will provide you with information about how much to pay per week in order to clear your outstanding balance before registration opens for an upcoming term.
  • If your fees remain unpaid, you will not be able to register for future semesters. If you are an international student, your study permit could be impacted.
  • There will not be reminders sent to you by the college about your payments, however, you will receive weekly notices about your overdue fees.
  • All unpaid fees on your account will be transferred to third-party collections.