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Condominium Management


The Condominium Management certificate program is offered in partnership with the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO). This part-time program has been developed to train you in condominium management law, relationship building, building operations and maintenance, condominium financials, and operational quality of residential and commercial condominium management. Theory and examples of day-to-day problems and practices are blended so that you can apply what you have learned. Faculty come from the field, are licensed and have hands-on experience managing condominiums. Please see  

The Condominium Management Certificate Program is accredited by the CMRAO and is a direct result of collaboration with employers and leading industry experts to prepare learners with the technical and essential skills necessary to be effective, efficient, adaptive and innovative in the dynamic condominium sector. The program features 5 stackable micro-credentials that are a mix of on-line and instructor-led learning. Learner completing the course will also receive a micro-credential badge upon completion of each course. The Certificate of Completion is issued upon successful completion of 5 Compulsory courses and 5 Regulatory Exams.

Learners can review the Examination Policies here 

Learners interested in this career are required to apply for their Limited License see  for details.


Effectively an "entry-level" licence, Limited Licensees can provide condominium management services only under the supervision of a General Licensee or Transitional General Licensee ("supervising licensee") and only if they are employed by a licensed condominium management provider. Limited Licensees:
  • do not require condominium management work experience

  • must work under supervision

  • can provide condominium management services only under the employment of a licensed condominium management provider

  • cannot be employed directly by a condominium corporation

The conditions of a Limited Licence are defined under section 8 of the General Regulation. We recommend learners complete Excellence in Condominium Management Course with the regulator CMRAO prior to enrolling into the program.


Limited Licensees may apply for a General Licence after they have completed the required work experience and education. These requirements must be completed within five years of applying for the General Licence.

The work experience requirements for a Limited Licensee to obtain a General Licence are:

  • obtain at least two years of work experience (2,920 hours) and

  • perform the following activities under the supervision of one or more supervising licensees:

    • plan and participate in meetings of the Board of Directors of a client

    • plan and participate in meetings of owners, including at least one annual general meeting within the meaning of the Condominium Act, 1998

    • participate in the preparation of a budget for a condominium corporation that the licensee has presented to the board of directors of a client

    • interpret financial statements for a client, prepared under Section 66 of the CMSA and presented to the board of directors of the client

    • prepare and present reports to the board of directors of a client

    • oversee the maintenance or repair of units and common elements within the meaning of the Condominium Act, 1998, or client assets, if any

Limited Licence application instructions


2022 Condominium Management Building Operations & Maintenance Badge

2022 Condominium Management Financials Badge

2022 Condominium Management Law Badge

2022 Condominium Management Operational Quality Badge

2022 Condominium Management Relationship Building Badge

Humber micro-credentials are aligned with eCampusOntario Micro-credential Principles and Framework.

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