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Maintenance Strategy DevelopmentNEW

Professional Certificate | CE0103

Designed to support maintenance and reliability engineering personnel, participants who successfully complete MMP Modules 1 and 5 of PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada's Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) program, can apply for the Maintenance  Strategy Development certificate. The certificate attests that an individual has been trained in the skills to build an informed maintenance program. For those in, or aspiring to be in, maintenance and reliability engineering personnel roles, participation in PEMAC 201 – An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management (Module 1, 15 hours) and PEMAC 205 – Maintenance Strategy Development (Module 5, 30 hours) of the MMP program will provide practitioners with a high level of understanding and knowledge that will allow them to perform their role more effectively while contributing to the overall success of the department and organization. 

Upon completion of the two modules, participants will have a better understanding of the benefits of an integrated maintenance management strategy, as well as the fundamentals of a robust maintenance program, and the various maintenance processes and methods that should be included. 

Maintenance personnel who wish to continue their learning journey and gain in-depth knowledge and skills that will drive further improvements within their organization can work towards their PEMAC Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) certification by completing the remaining courses in the MMP program.

Maintenance Strategy Development courses are OSAP Eligible. Visit OSAP for Micro-credentials for more information.




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Course Name 2024/2025 Academic Year 2025/2026 Academic Year
Compulsory Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
PEMA 201: An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management
PEMA 205: Maintenance Strategy Development

Compulsory Courses

PEMA 201 An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management
  Start Date: May 2024  
This course introduces an integrated and holistic approach to maintenance and asset management. It provides perspective and structure in order to determine areas of improvement for maintenance and asset management. The Maintenance Excellence Pyramid is included.


PEMA 205 Maintenance Strategy Development
  Start Date: May 2024  
The focus of this course is on techniques to develop maintenance tactics that will address how assets are used, how they are likely to fail, the consequence of failure, and identifying maintenance tactics that are both feasible and worth doing.


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