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Maintenance Management Professional

Certificate of Accomplishment | 84411

Program Overview

Humber College, in partnership with PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada, presents this certificate program designed for individuals seeking to expand their maintenance management knowledge and work towards the professional MMP designation.The Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) education program provides training and certification to those aspiring to, or already in, maintenance management or supervisory positions enabling them to align their work with the asset management strategies and plans of their organization. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills to drive improvements in uptime, production capacity, equipment reliability, safety, environmental compliance, economic life of assets, return on investment and effective communication between departments. Certified MMPs will be qualified to provide cost effective management of an organization's existing physical assets and provide valuable insight into the decision-making processes for future acquisitions.

This program is now Eligible for Second Career Funding see for more details.

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Admission Requirements: There are no admission requirements for this program. Register and pay for courses individually.

Certificate Criteria: 8 compulsory courses

PEMA 201 An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management
PEMA 202 Production and Operations Management for the Maintenance Manager
PEMA 203 Human Resources Management for the Maintenance Manager
PEMA 204 Financial Management for the Maintenance Manager
PEMA 205 Developing and Implementing Maintenance Tactics
PEMA 206 Maintenance Work Management
PEMA 207 Maintenance Information Management 
PEMA 208 Capstone

Pre-requisites: It is highly recommended that you take An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management (PEMA 201) as your first course, but not required. PEMA 201-207 must be completed prior to taking the Capstone course PEMA 208.

Textbooks/Material: Course workbooks are included in the registration fee. Course Textbooks can be purchased from the Humber Bookstore.

MMP Designation Requirements:

Successful completion of the eight courses (60% or higher) leads to a nationwide recognized certificate in maintenance management – MMP (Maintenance Management Professional).

For information regarding the MMP designation, contact the association directly at 905.823.7255 ext. 3, email or visit

  • Complimentary PEMAC one-year membership for program participants
  • Annual membership fees ranging from $140 - $165
  • Upon completion of courses, participants should gather transcripts and apply to PEMAC
  • To maintain your certification, you must stay current with your annual certification fees

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Here are a few graduate success stories:

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  2. Sam Abadir success story
  3. Jessica Iworisha success story

Continuing Education Refund Information

Refund information is displayed in the "How to Register" box for each course. Please check the “Verification of Registration” email that was sent by the Office of the Registrar for the exact drop and withdrawal dates for your course(s). Generally, $25 of the tuition fee and all applicable lab/material fees are non-refundable, unless Humber cancels the course. To request a refund, email or call the Contact Centre.

Full refunds will be granted only when Humber cancels a course. If your course is cancelled, you may transfer to another course or request a refund. Refunds are not automatically issued for cancelled courses as many students prefer to transfer. Some courses have special refund policies. Please contact Humber to tell us how you would like to proceed. If you do not request, a transfer a full refund of fees will be issued one month after the start of the cancelled course.

Payments made by Visa or MasterCard will be refunded to the credit card that was used.

Visit for more information about CE programs and courses.

Maintenance Management Professional courses are OSAP Eligible

Learners enrolled in an Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) approved micro-credential program can apply for financial assistance through OSAP for Micro-credentials. Eligible students must apply for funding for each course separately by following the step-by-step application process. Applications for OSAP for Micro-credential assistance cannot overlap with another micro-credential study period (funding for multiple courses cannot be applied for concurrently).


To be eligible for funding through the OSAP for Micro-credentials courses, you must meet the criteria below as well as certain residency and income requirements specified on the OSAP website:

  • Registered in an OSAP-approved micro-credential
  • Must be a resident of Ontario as defined by OSAP program
  • Previous OSAP loans must be in good standing (i.e. you have not defaulted on a student loan and/or you are not restricted from participating in financial aid programs)

Applying for OSAP funding for Humber micro-credential courses

  1. Confirm that the Humber micro-credential course you want to take is OSAP-approved.
  2. Log in to your OSAP account. If this is your first time applying for OSAP, you may need to create an account.
  3. Select and complete the micro-credential OSAP application. You can only be funded for one course at a time through OSAP.
  4. The deadline to apply for OSAP is the last day of your micro-credential course.
  5. Scan, upload, and submit all required supporting documentation to your OSAP application.
  6. Enrol in and pay for the micro-credential course you wish to take (if you have not already done so). Please note that funding is sent directly to the learner by the National Student Loans Centre for Micro-Credentials. Payment for the course must be made at the time of registration.
  7. Once the course has started, we will confirm your enrolment and OSAP funds will be released to your bank account.
  8. a student cannot receive OSAP funding for a micro-credential study period if it overlaps with another one of their micro-credential study period in which they are concurrently receiving micro-credential OSAP funding. So students can only receive micro-credential OSAP funding for one course at a time.

If you have any questions, please contact at or call 416-675-3111 option 4. (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm excluding holidays).

If you have questions about repayment, please contact the National Student Loans Service Centre for OSAP Micro-credentials program at 1-888-869-2896

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Quick-Look Availability Scheduler

Use the Quick-Look Availability Scheduler to see available courses in a calendar view and plan towards achieving your certificate.

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Course Name 2024/2025 Academic Year 2025/2026 Academic Year
Compulsory May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
PEMA 201: An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management
PEMA 202: Production and Operations Management for the Maintenance Manager
PEMA 203: Human Resources Management for the Maintenance Manager
PEMA 204: Financial Management for the Maintenance Manager
PEMA 205: Maintenance Strategy Development
PEMA 206: Maintenance Work Management
PEMA 207: Maintenance Information Management
PEMA 208: Capstone Course

Compulsory Courses

PEMA 201 An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management
  Start Date: June 2024  
This course introduces an integrated and holistic approach to maintenance and asset management. It provides perspective and structure in order to determine areas of improvement for maintenance and asset management. The Maintenance Excellence Pyramid is included.


PEMA 202 Production and Operations Management for the Maintenance Manager
  Start Date: May 2024  
This course will teach you to align maintenance strategy with corporate strategy. You will also gain knowledge in planning and scheduling methods, inventory and quality control, and lean manufacturing principles and techniques.


PEMA 203 Human Resources Management for the Maintenance Manager
  Start Date: May 2024  
This course includes topics such as the role of human resources in maintenance management, meeting legal requirements, recruitment and selection, orientation training and employee development, proper application of performance appraisals, the union management interface, managing change, and managing safety in the workplace.


PEMA 204 Financial Management for the Maintenance Manager
  Start Date: May 2024  
In this course, you will learn the application of accounting and finance principles as they pertain to the maintenance management role. Four main pillars of accounting knowledge are covered: project analysis, budgeting/forecasting, cost analysis and MRO inventory.


PEMA 205 Maintenance Strategy Development
  Start Date: May 2024  
The focus of this course is on techniques to develop maintenance tactics that will address how assets are used, how they are likely to fail, the consequence of failure, and identifying maintenance tactics that are both feasible and worth doing.


PEMA 206 Maintenance Work Management
  Start Date: June 2024  
This course provides a study of the fundamental principles of the planning and scheduling process. Planning, scheduling and work co-ordination form the foundation to maintenance's ability to add value to the goods and or or services of their companies and customers.


PEMA 207 Maintenance Information Management

This course will demonstrate why collecting and managing maintenance information is important for realizing value from assets and aligning maintenance management with the organization’s overall objectives. Participants will learn when and where maintenance information is critical within the asset’s lifecycle, and particularly within the maintenance management functions. This course will discuss the processes and tools that create, collect, and manage maintenance information, and how to manage data efficiently and effectively. Upon completion of this module participants will recognize maintenance management processes and systems that use data to be able to set, collect and use the data to make informed maintenance decisions.


PEMA 208 Capstone Course
  Start Date: June 2024  
Through the application of the key learning elements from the previous seven MMP modules, students apply the principles, latest concepts and techniques to a final project. Working in small groups or teams, students will select a project that will audit, assess and improve their current maintenance strategy in their company or resolve a significant maintenance issue within their departments.


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