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Students must pay or arrange to pay the tuition balance for each term before registration begins.

Tuition Balance

Each term, students are required to pay or arrange to pay the balance of their tuition before registering for classes so they can focus on their studies during the academic year. The resources below may be helpful in planning to pay for College.

  1. Apply to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Be sure to review all eligibility
    requirements at and
  2. Learn more about scholarships, awards and bursaries. Visit and
  3. Contact your financial institution to see if a student loan or line of credit is right for you.
  4. Use the Tuition Payment Calculator on this page to help you plan to pay your tuition balance.

Tuition deposits and tuition balances are paid through MyHumber.

Online Banking

Payments can be made through online banking. Your Humber username (e.g. N00000000) is your "account number/reference number" and the "payee" is Humber College. To avoid paying late fees, ensure that you allow enough time for your payment to be processed. It could take between three to five business days for Humber to receive an online payment, so please plan accordingly.


Payments can be made through MyHumber using Visa or MasterCard. If you pay by credit card, a service fee will apply. The fee is billed at a rate of 2.25 per cent of the payment amount and is paid directly to Moneris Solutions. As it is not a Humber fee, it will not appear as a transaction in MyHumber. Instead, it will appear as a separate item on your credit card statement. See the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.

Service Fee Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past decade, many postsecondary institutions have stopped accepting credit cards as a payment method given the associated high costs. At Humber, we want to provide students with a range of payment options. As of November 1, 2018, Humber made the decision to implement a service fee feature so students could choose to pay fees using a Visa and MasterCard by accepting the cost of processing. 

The fee paid to Moneris, on behalf of credit card companies is a flat 2.25 per cent of the amount being paid by credit card. This fee percentage is set by the credit card companies and is subject to change in the future.

The fees paid by Humber for credit card transactions are set by the credit card companies and are not negotiable.

Humber does not receive any money from the service fee. The fee is paid directly to Moneris who in turn shares it with credit card providers. When you pay using a credit card, there will be two charges on your statement; one from Humber and a separate charge from Moneris for the service fee.

No, the fee is not refundable. It is a charge by Moneris to process payment by credit card.

There is no service fee for payments such as residence deposits, parking fees, locker fees, in-person purchases on campuses (for example, at the bookstore or cafeteria) and donations, as they don’t reside on or paid through MyHumber portal.

Any fees that are included in a MyHumber account would be subject to the service fee, if they are being paid by credit card.

Fees in MyHumber paid through debit and online banking are not subject to the service fee.

Since prospective international students are applying from various parts of the world, credit cards are the most effective method of payment. We also recognize that admission is not guaranteed.

The credit card fees associated with accepting an application fee or residence deposit are small, making this method of payment the least costly for the college as compared to others.

24/7 online banking

For international students, there are additional payment options. Please see here.

Note: OSAP and Canada Student Loan funds for tuition fees are provided directly by government to the college.

Over the past decade, some institutions have stopped accepting credit cards as a payment method given the associated high costs. At Humber, we want to provide students with a range of payment options, and at the same time, ensure that we are maximizing our ability to invest in our programs and student services.


Thanks to a partnership with the HigherEdPoints program, students, families and friends can redeem their Aeroplan Miles to help offset college fees.

Every 35,000 Aeroplan Miles can be converted into $250 tuition credit increments. Students can redeem and convert their own Miles, or family and friends can convert Miles for a student of their choice. Details about the process can be found at

International Student Payments

International Student Payment Options  

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Step 3.
Calculate Minimum Weekly Payment

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Weeks until Registration

Number of payment weeks

  • This calculator will provide you with information about how much to pay per week in order to clear your outstanding balance before registration opens for an upcoming term.
  • If your fees remain unpaid, you will not be able to register for future semesters. If you are an international student, your study permit could be impacted.
  • There will not be reminders sent to you by the college about your payments, however, you will receive weekly notices about your overdue fees.
  • All unpaid fees on your account will be transferred to third-party collections.