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Property Management

Certificate of Completion | 82911

Program Overview

Humber College, in co-operation with The Institute of Housing Management (IHM), presents a certificate program for those engaged in the management of and operations of publicly and privately owned residential and institutional buildings.

Today's market is very competitive, and there is a greater need for accredited property managers. The Property Management program provides a forum for the acquisition and dissemination of information that will help those involved in managing operations; developing and designing buildings; or to those providing equipment, products or services to the industry - ensuring that training programs, compatible with identified needs, are available to the industry and accrediting property management professionals.

Receipt of the certificate qualifies you to become a candidate of IHM, and is the first step toward achieving the designation AIHM (Accredited Member of the Institute of Housing Management).

Recommended: It is highly recommended that you take Property and Building Administration (NIHM 201) as your first course. For those with no accounting experience, PMCP 311 course is strongly recommended to be taken prior to the Strategic and Financial Planning for Property Managers (NIHM 202) course. If you choose PMCP 311 as your elective course, you do not have to meet the pre-requisite requirement for this course.

Online Learning: The online courses are offered through Humber's Learning Management system, Blackboard 9.1. PMCP 311 is offered through Ontario Learn.

Online courses are accessible via a web browser from anywhere in the world and are well-suited to those who need a more flexible study schedule. For information on system requirements for online courses and other information regarding online learning at Humber, visit the Open Learning website at or call 416.675.5049. (These online courses are offered through OntarioLearn, a partnership of 24 Ontario community colleges that have pooled their resources to increase your online learning options. Visit

How does it work?

  • online course content is the same as in-class content
  • upon receipt of your User ID and password, you can logon to the online learning management system
  • you will work from a Critical Path which outlines the chapters covered week-by-week
  • you can work according to your own schedule, keeping up with the content weekly as laid out in the Critical Path document
  • you will use a Discussion Board, which is an ongoing thread of discussion topics where you are expected to contribute
  • there may be opportunities to “chat” live online with your instructor and class during the course. Dates and times of chat sessions will be posted
  • there are no face-to-face meetings with your instructor or classmates

Textbooks/Material: An electronic copy of the material for NIHM 201, 202, 203 & 205 courses and LDSC elective courses are included in the course fees and will be available for download through Humber Blackboard. Material for 204 (online section only) is also included in the course fees. Material for NIHM 204 (in-class section only), PMCP 311 course is not included in the course fee and is only available for purchase from the Humber Bookstore

Optional: A hard copy of the material for courses NIHM 201, 202, 203 & 205 can be purchased at an additional cost by contacting IHM.

Exemptions: Please email us at for enquiries regarding course exemptions.

Note: Schedule subject to change based on demand.

For information about BACC 052 please contact

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