Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Overview


The HRMS is a fully integrated Human Capital Management system that serves as a central source of information for all HR related processes and programs. HRMS is a cloud based system, which allows managers and employees to access the system through their computer or mobile devices, whether they are on or off campus. 

For a more detailed walkthrough of the HRMS and its features, please take a few moments to watch the overview video: 

HRMS Features



Many actions that were traditionally executed on paper and through direct face-to-face interaction can be initiated and completed using a computer or mobile device. The HRMS gives different employee roles the ability to complete HR related actions in a single integrated system. 



The reliance on HR or others to complete HR related actions or to provide information is reduced. Through the HRMS, you can complete these actions and access personal information at your own convenience. For assistance on how to navigate the system, or how to perform specific actions within the HRMS, the self-directed Knowledge Base is here to help.