Important Message for Employees who submit their time.

Friday December 13, 2019 is the deadline to submit your time for the January 3, 2020 pay. Employees please ensure to submit your time no later than 2pm on Friday. 

Employee Learning Path

Time Management

Create a Time Card (Using Manage Time Cards)

Learn how to enter time using Manage Time Cards option.

Create Time Card (Calendar View)

Learn how to enter time using the Calendar View.

Enter Exception Time

Learn how to enter exception time: Overtime, etc.

Search Time Card

Learn how to search for time entries using the Time Card Search functionality.

View and Update Time Cards

Learn how to View and Update your time cards.

View Exception Time History

Learn how to View your exception time history.

Review Bell Notifications for Time Cards

Learn how to review bell notifications.


Number of lessons available in this section.