Employee Learning Path


Check Balances and Accruals

Learn how to check your Vacation & Sick Balances and Accruals.

Submit an Absence Request

Learn how to request an absence through HRMS.

Submit an Absence When on Multiple Assignments, Secondments or as a Program Coordinator

Learn how to create an absence record when on multiple assignments.

Submit an Absence Request (Pregnancy, Parental and Extended Unpaid Leave)

Learn how to create an absence record as a Part-Time Support Staff.

Edit/Delete an Absence Request

Learn how to edit or delete an absence request.

Forecast Future Vacation Balances

Learn how to calculate future vacation day balances.

Review Pending Absence Submissions

Learn how to review pending absence submissions.

Review Bell Notifications for Absences

Learn how to review bell notifications.

Upload a Supplementary Document for an Absence

Learn how to upload a document for an absence.


Number of lessons available in this section.

Download the interactive deck to see how to navigate through the HRMS.