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Program Policies

Simulation Session Policy

Effective Date: January 25, 2020   Download PDF  


1. Simulation Sessions

Learners are required to attend all mandatory sessions and pass the associated assessments in order to successfully complete each Simulation Session. While the e-Learning components are the foundation for all learning, and while they present content in practice-based activities as much as possible, the Simulation Sessions will assess the application of this knowledge.

1.1 Attendance

Simulation Sessions are mandatory and learners are expected to attend on all days and to arrive on time. Attendance that falls below 80% will result in a failing grade of incomplete and require you to re-take the entire Simulation Session.

Attendance will be recorded each day and monitored throughout the program. Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis and supporting documentation will be required.

1.2 Simulation Session Protocol

  • Learners must present a valid, government issued identification bearing a photograph and signature (e.g., passport, driver's license, permanent resident card). The name on the government issued photo identification must match the name on the learner record. A learner is not allowed to attend a Simulation Session if the presented identification does not match the name reflected on the learner’s program registration. Failure to have the required identification will result in a failing grade of incomplete.
  • Learners must comply at all times with instructions and rules provided by the facilitators.
  • Breaks will be scheduled at the discretion of the facilitators.
  • Learner Misconduct or Rules and Standards of Conduct infractions during a Simulation Session may result in a failing grade of zero. For more details on infractions and sanctions imposed, <See: Learner Misconduct and Learner Rules and Standards of Conduct Policies>
  • Cell phones, all watches, and other devices are required to be turned off and placed under the learner’s workstation for the duration of the Simulation Session.
  • Possessing or accessing any unauthorized materials or devices during an assessment may result in the learner’s assessment being terminated.
  • Learners are not allowed to copy any assessment questions or materials or make any recording during the session.
  • During an assessment, learners can only communicate with the facilitators. The facilitator cannot provide any guidance or answer questions concerning the material during the assessments.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all Simulation Session locations.
  • Food is not allowed in all Simulation Session locations.
  • Children are not allowed in the Simulation Session.

Only the following items are allowed during a Simulation Session assessment:

  • Water in a transparent bottle (label removed).
  • Blank sheets of paper and pencil. All sheets must be submitted to the proctor at the end of the examination to be destroyed.
  • Non-programmable calculators.

1.3 Simulation Session Accommodation Requests

Learners with disabilities, permanent or temporary, requesting any accommodation must contact the Real Estate Program Office prior to their registration in a Simulation Session. For more information, <See: Accessibility and Accommodations Policy>.

1.4 Simulation Session Format and Grading

Assessments will consist of multiple choice questions presented in a scenario-based format and results are reported using a score. Learners must achieve a minimum cumulative score of 75 to pass.

Learners with a score below the established passing score have the opportunity to enroll in a Remediation Day and a separate fee applies

Learners that receive a grade of incomplete are not eligible to attend a Remediation Day and must re-take the full Simulation Session.

Simulation Session final grades including incompletes and failures are posted to the learner’s Education Record and accessible to the learner via the Learner Portal within (5) five business days. Simulation Session results are not disclosed by phone, email or in-person.

1.5 Simulation Session: Remediation Day

Learners will have the opportunity to re-take the Simulation Session assessments during the Remediation Day. Assessments will consist of multiple choice questions presented in a scenario-based format and results are reported using a score. Learners must achieve a minimum cumulative score of 75 to pass.

A failing grade will require the Learner to retake the full Simulation Session and pay all fees. Retakes of partial days are not allowed. Retakes must meet all requirements including program progression time periods. 

A learner’s Education Record contains all program component attempts and grades.