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RECO Announcement on the Real Estate Salesperson Program

RECO Announcement FAQs

Why is Simulation Session 2 being delayed, and when will it be available?

RECO made this difficult decision because the program was not going to be ready in time for the scheduled launch. The relaunch date for Simulation Session 2 has not been set. Once RECO and NIIT Canada confirm when Simulation Session 2 is ready to be offered, Humber will provide information and a schedule to learners as soon as it’s available.

If I only want to trade in residential real estate, can I skip the commercial real estate courses altogether?

Registration under The Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002, (REBBA 2002) allows individuals to trade in any type of real property. As such, a broad-based foundational knowledge of all real property types is essential. Learners are, thus, required to successfully complete the Real Estate Salesperson Program as designed.