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Select your program and follow these steps to find out when and how to register for courses. 
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Registration opens on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 11:00am.

Step 1: Prepare for Registration

Check for Holds

Login to MyHumber

  • Select Student
  • Select Registration
  • Select Registration Status
  • Select Term

You should have green check marks by all the following sentences:

  1. You have no Holds which prevent registration.
  2. Your Academic Standing is Food Standing which permits registration.
  3. Your Student Status permits registration

Holds that Prevent Registration

Contact you program coordinator if you have any of the following holds: 

  1. Your Program and/or Semester information are incorrect
  2. Your Student Status prevents registration
  3. Your Academic Standing is Required to Withdraw which prevents registration

Note you can find your Program Coordinator (primary Advisor) on your Student Information tab in MyHumber.

For Details on Holds and Resolutions

To get more information about the hold and what you are required to do to have it removed from you record:

  • Select Student
  • Select Student Records
  • Select View Holds
  • Select "for more details on Holds and Resolutions, please click here."

Plot a Timetable

Prior to enrolling for your courses, plot out an optimal timetable that works for you.

  • Go to your Academic Progress Report
  • Look at your semester courses
  • Each course will have a status of "Still Needed"
  • Select course to reveal the scheduled sections
  • note the CRN which is what you will need to register

Sample Matix Timetable

Use the matrix timetable below as a tool for plotting out your course choices and timetable shedule.

Step 3

Track Your Application

Track the status of your application through Humber’s student portal: MyHumber. We'll send you an email with your username and password after you’ve applied.

How to Track Your Application

  1. Select the Applicant Tab to see the programs you applied to.
  2. Follow the Missing Requirements link.
  3. If “Go to Events” appears, there is a Secondary Requirement (test, audition, etc.) that you need to register for.
  4. Check MyHumber regularly to track the status of your application.
  5. Check your email inbox regularly to make sure you don't miss any email communications.

Admission Requirements

Depending on your program, you may have to complete testing, submit a portfolio or come to campus for an assessment or audition. If your program has Secondary Requirements, you can see the details under Admission Requirements on the program information page.

Admissions Testing

If your admissions process includes testing, check out the Testing Services page for information on how to register for your test date. The Testing Services page also includes links to resources you can use to prepare for your English and/or math test.

Step 2: Add Courses

a) Add or Drop Classes

  1. Login to Myhumber
  2. Select Student
  3. Select Registration
  4. Click Add or Drop/Withdraw Classes
  5. Click Term, and Submit

b) Select Classes and Add to Worksheet

Option 1

  1. Click Class Search
  2. Select a Subject
  3. Click Course Search
  4. Click View Sections to view all scheduled classes for the course selected
  5. Check the box for the class you would like to register for.
  6. Click Add to Worksheet. The CRN (Course Reference Number) is added to the worksheet.
  7. Repeat to add more classes.

Option 2

  1. Click Student.
  2. Click Academic Progress.
  3. See courses with “Still Needed” requirement.
  4. Click on the Course Code hyperlink to see the scheduled classes.
  5. Write down the CRN. Go back to Academic Progress and repeat for all Still Needed courses.
  6. Go to Add and Drop/Withdraw Classes, type the CRN (s) in the boxes.

c) Submit Worksheet to Register

When you are done selecting all classes, click Submit Changes.

Application Fee

There is a $95 application fee, payable to Your application will not be sent to Humber until your application fee is paid.
Go To Ontario Colleges >

Use a Valid Email Address

When you apply, be sure to use a valid email address as Humber will use this email address to contact you throughout the admission process.


After you’ve applied, you’ll be emailed your username and password for MyHumber. MyHumber is the student portal you'll use to track your application, as well as pay fees and register for classes once you're a student.


Submit your educational documents to Grades will be transmitted electronically for all applicants currently enrolled in an Ontario high school.

Secondary Requirements

Check to see if your program has Secondary Requirements. You may need to submit a portfolio, attend an audition, or write a test. Details are specified in the Admission Requirements section of the Program pages.

Accessibility Services

If required, contact Humber Accessibility Services to arrange accommodations for Admissions Testing.

Step 4


You’ve received an offer of Admission from Humber.

Types of Offers

Read your offer letter carefully to understand the type of offer you have received. See the Offers of Admission page for more information.

Complete All Steps

There are still a number of steps to complete before you start classes, so be sure to read Steps 5 - 10 very carefully and contact us if you’re unsure about what to do next.

Key Date

February 1, 2017 - This is the first date that offers of admission can be made to applicants to all Humber programs.

Step 5

Confirm Your Offer

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your account with your login credentials.
  3. Click on "View Offers" to see your offer(s) of admission.
  4. Select the offer of admission you wish to accept.
  5. Click "Confirm". will automatically notify Humber of your decision.

A Note About Confirming Your Offer

Confirming your offer is an exciting step in your journey, but if you’ve applied to more than one program at Humber, you may receive an offer from one program and still be waiting to hear from another. In this situation, applicants are often worried that accepting the offer they have will mean losing a chance to get into the program they’re waiting to hear from.

There are two different situations you may find yourself in and it’s important to understand the difference between them.

Situation #1 - You receive offers from two or more programs at the same time

If Program A and Program B both send you offers at the same time, when you accept the offer from Program A you are declining your offer from Program B.

Situation #2 - You receive an offer from one program, but another program has not given you a decision

If Program A sends you an offer but Program B has not given you an admission decision, you can accept the offer from Program A without any impact on your status with Program B. If Program B sends you an offer at a later date, you can accept that offer and the offer you previously accepted to Program A will automatically be declined.

Key Dates

Fall Open House
Saturday, November 12, 2016
Open House gives you a unique opportunity to speak to faculty, current students, access labs and facilities, and take a campus tour. Exploring our campuses is the best way to make an informed decision about coming to Humber.

May 1, 2017 - You must confirm your offer of admission. Confirmations are made at Confirmations made after May 1 will be accepted if space is available in the program. Refer to your offer letter for your confirmation deadline.