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Use the Registration Road Map to make enrolling as easy as 1, 2, 3. See you in class!

Glossary/Common Terms

Asynchronous - Asynchronous online classes do not occur on a specific day and time. Asynchronous will be listed as TBA for the assigned day and time.​

Synchronous - Synchronous online classes require instructor and students to be present online on a specific day and time. Synchronous will have an assigned day of the week along with a specified time.​

CRN (Course Reference Number) - The Course Reference Number (CRN) is unique to each course section. You can look up course CRNs a few different ways after logging in to your MyHumber account:​

  • Click on Student > Registration > View Registration Information to see the CRNs in which you are enrolled.​
  • Click on Student > Registration > Browse Classes > Select the term > enter your search criteria to find CRNs of classes for which you would like to register.​
  • Click on Student > Academic Progress to bring up your program curriculum. The course codes are hyperlinks which will bring up the course description and any course offerings.​

Confirmation of Enrolment - An official document that can be used to verify your status as a student. You will be required to log in to your MyHumber account and request the document. MyHumber > Student > Student Records > Confirmation of Enrolment/Graduation.​

Educational Verification Forms - The Office of the Registrar can confirm your student status for RESPs, Employment, Loans, Scholarships, etc. More details can be found here. ​

Financial De-registration - When students registered for courses in a current semester have not paid their outstanding fees and are removed from their courses as a result after the term has begun. Reinstatement of courses following financial deregistration require the student’s account to be paid in full including associated penalties.​

Reinstatement after financial deregistration must be done within five business days following deregistration. Following that, students will not be allowed to reregister until the next semester and all outstanding fees are paid in full.​

Students will not receive credit or a grade for any courses dropped as a result of the deregistration process.​

For more detailed information please review 7.3 Financial De-registration and Re-instatement in the Academic Regulations.​

Error: No Block Currently Available - One or more of the courses in your programs blocks are full. Please contact your Faculty.​

​Error: Program Restriction - The course you are trying to add is restricted to a specific program or group of students. You will have to select a different section or different course.​

​Error: Reserved Closed - The Reserved Closed error means that the course is now full for day-time students and only open for Continuing Education/Night students. If you are receiving this message, please try registering into a different course.​

​Error: Time Ticket - The 'time ticket' error that means registration for your program and semester is not open yet. ​

Error: You are not permitted to register at this time - Students who receive the "You are not permitted to register at this time" error are either not eligible to register yet, or they have not selected the correct term.​

Hold - A hold may prevent you from registering. To determine the type of hold you have on your account and the required action to have it removed, please review the Holds information in Step One: Preparing for Registration.