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Use the Registration Road Map to make enrolling as easy as 1, 2, 3. See you in class!

Degree Breadth Elective Info

Registration for degree programs will take place on Monday, November 21st. Check the chart in Step One for your specific registration time. ​

​The following details are extremely important for your registration:​

​When your degree registration window opens, please be aware that the upper-level breadth elective courses will be restricted to students who are enrolled in semester 5 through 8 of their degree program. ​

​You can identify lower and upper-level electives through your Academic Progress on MyHumber by clicking on DEGE. Typically, upper-level courses have codes in the 3000s and 4000s (e.g. HIST 3300, SOCI 3000, SCIE 3200).​

These restrictions ensure that upper-level electives are available to students in the upper semesters of their program. The restrictions will remain in place until Monday, December 5th, when registration in all breadth electives will open.​

​As part of your degree program, you are required to complete breadth elective course requirements to be eligible to graduate as indicated on your Academic Progress on MyHumber.​

​Breadth courses are divided into three categories:​

  • Society, Culture & Commerce​
  • Science & Technology​
  • Arts & Humanities​​

Students must take a minimum number of lower-level courses in two of the three categories and a minimum number of upper-level courses in two of the three categories. Please review the Level and Category requirements that are outlined at the bottom of your Academic Progress on MyHumber.​

It is strongly recommended that students take a lower-level course in a breadth category prior to taking an upper-level course in the same breadth category.​