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Find out more about the fees and timelines associated with achieving your educational goals.

Other Fees

​All students are required to pay compulsory ancillary fees in order to enroll in or successfully complete any course or program of instruction. Changes to ancillary fees are approved by a Fee Protocol Committee and by Humber's Board of Governors. ​

Other fees may be applicable such as program ancillary fees for supplies or activities, admission requirements and more.​

An additional fee of $440 to $660 (in some cases added to the academic semesters) will be charged to all students that have a co-op placement within their curriculum.

Co-op fees are non-refundable in the event that a student does not qualify for the co-op placement for academic reasons or if they withdraw after the last day to receive a refund during the semester.

Students may be required to complete specific courses or achieve specific grades before being allowed to proceed with a co-op or work placement.

Note: Co-op Fees for international placements may be higher.

Some programs include lab fees as part of the tuition. The charge is listed on the fee invoice and is due by the tuition fee due date.

An equipment deposit is levied for several programs and covers any equipment that may break while being used by students. Specific equipment deposit information will be communicated to all students prior to enrolment in the program.

The deposit is refundable at the end of the year after authorization is given by the program co-ordinator.

All certificate and diploma students are required to take an assessment test to determine their language proficiency. This may take place during the Admissions process as an Admissions test, or a Computerized College Placement Test (CCPT), which takes place before students register for courses.

Based on the test results, some students may be exempted from taking one or more of their required communications courses. However, some students may be required to take a remedial writing course, at an additional charge, before being permitted to take their required communications course(s).

To better serve our growing population of second language learners, specialized English as a second language (ESL) courses are now offered as part of the communications curricula. Students are placed directly into the appropriate level ESL course on the basis of their assessment test. Successful completion of these courses will satisfy any communications requirements.

Admission/Placement Testing  

All first semester technology and most business students in certificate or diploma programs are assessed in mathematics. Similar to Communications courses, these assessments may take place during the Admissions process as an Admissions test, or a Computerized College Placement Test, which takes place before students register for courses.

Based on the assessment results, some students will be required to enroll in an additional mathematics course, at an additional charge, to help improve their mathematical skills. These students will then take the other required mathematics courses in more senior semesters.

Admission/Placement Testing  

Late payment of fees may result in the loss of a program seat. Humber is not obligated to hold seats for students who fail to pay tuition deposits or fees by the specified due date. Late payments will only be accepted if space remains in the program.

If payment or arrangements for payment have not been made by the published due date, a $100 late fee will be applied to the student account. Additionally, students who do not pay in full after arranging to pay tuition (e.g. third-party sponsorship or payment plan) by the agreed upon payment deadline(s), may be removed from their timetable. This means the student will be removed from all courses in a specific term.​

Visit the Academic Calendar to review important dates and deadlines for each term.

A $50 late testing fee may apply for Computerized College Placement Testing if tests are not completed by specified dates. Visit the Test Centre site for more information.

Academic Calendar 

Test Centre