Manage Disqualification Questions

Lesson for full-time recruitment process

If requiredfollow the steps outlined below to manage disqualification questions.


This knowledge article will show you how to manage disqualification questions.

    1. Sign into HRMS using your single sign-on ID and password.
    2. Click ‘Talent Acquisition’.
    3. Click ‘Recruitment’.
    4. Click the ‘Library’ drop-down and select ‘Disqualification Questions’.
    5. Click the ‘Code’ column to sort to determine the next code to use when you create the question.
    6. Click the icon for ‘Create Disqualification Question’.
    7. Type your question in the ‘Question’ field.
    8. Select the ‘Answer Display’. 
    9. Enter the question, possible answers, and the code.
    10. Note: Click to reorder the answers, if required. You can remove an answer by clicking ‘X’ on the right.

    11. To set a question to ‘Active’ or ‘Deactivate’ status, use the toggle to activate or diactivate the question.
    12. Select ‘Visible For’ all candidates, external candidates or internal candidates.
    13. Note: If you select ‘Visible for Internal Candidates’, external candidates will not see the questions. If you want both internal and external candidates to see the question, select ‘All Candidates’.

    14. Select ‘All locations’ and ‘All job fields’.
    15. Click ‘Save and Close’.
    16. If there are any further revisions required on a disqualification question, click ‘Edit’, make the required changes, and click ‘Save and Close’.
    17. If you need to inactive a disqualification question, click on the question, click ‘Edit’, under ‘Status’ select ‘Inactive’ and click ‘Save and Close’.