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How to Prepare for Registration

Learn how to prepare for registration.

How to Add a Course

Your registration is course based.

You are required to build your own timetable and register for each individual course. Please check your Academic Progress to view the listing of courses required for your program and semester. You will be registering with the CRN (Course Reference Number) which is unique to each course section.

How to Register for Block Courses

Your registration is block-based.

Please note, the Plan Ahead function through MyHumber cannot be used for block-based registration.

You can register for your primary block which contains core courses based on your current program and semester by clicking on the Blocks tab.

You may also be required to select an additional block for non-core courses (eg. English, Math, General Electives, Program Electives).  Additional block courses, if required, can be viewed and added on the Additional Blocks tab.


How to Drop or Withdraw From a Course

Learn how to drop or withdraw from a course. Students in program block registration are not allowed to drop a block course without meeting with their Program Coordinator. However, General Electives, Communications and Mathematics courses can be dropped.

Dropping additional block courses can be done on either the Find Classes tab or the Enter CRNs tab.

MyHumber: Step by Step

Read a step-by-step guide on how to use MyHumber.