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Workplace Assessments

Occupational Health & Safety Services is able to provide the guidance and technical expertise necessary to carry out various types of workplace assessment within Humber.

Office Ergonomics Assessments

Since many of us spend much of our work day in front a computer it is important to know how to set up a safe and comfortable workstation and the types of good work practices that should be used to prevent or minimize injury and discomfort. If you are uncertain as to how your workstation should be set up or are experiencing health symptoms you may wish to ask your supervisor to arrange an office ergonomics assessment for you through Occupational Health & Safety Services.

Occupational Hygiene Assessments

The majority of indoor air quality concerns related to temperature and general building ventilation can be addressed through Facilities Management by using their on-line work request system or calling extension 4444.

However, specific concerns about possible workplace exposures to particular chemical or biological hazards should be brought to the attention of Occupational Health & Safety Services for investigation and assessment. See Humber’s Indoor Air Quality Procedure for more information.


Occupational Health & Safety Services is able to conduct noise assessments including the evaluation of noise levels in the general work environment, as related to specific equipment or work activities as well as monitoring personal exposures levels. If you have concerns about noise levels or have questions about noise control measures (e.g.: hearing protection) in your work environment discuss these issues with your supervisor. If further information or assessment is required, contact Occupational Health & Safety Services.

Other Health and Safety Concerns

Occupational Health & Safety Services can provide guidance and direction relating to the identification, assessment and control of other health and safety concerns that may arise within Humber and help provide schools and departments with the resources to conduct their own risk assessments of workplace hazards.