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Return to Work

Humber is committed to providing a co-operative and proactive environment to assist and support employees who are unable to perform their job duties as a result of an illness or injury.

Most employees who experience an injury or illness, regardless of whether it is work-related, are able to return to work even while they are recovering. Humber is committed to an employee’s early and safe return to work after such an injury or illness. Occupational Health & Safety Services will work with the employee and their supervisor to develop a Return to Work plan, that incorporates any applicable accommodation requirements which may be needed, to support the employee’s safe return when they are medically able to do so.

Return to Work Brochure

This document provides a summary of the Return to Work process outlining key information for when occupational and non-occupational illnesses or injuries occur.

Return to Work Policy and Procedure

This policy and procedure provide Humber’s framework for returning employees back to work from an illness or injury.

Accommodation for Employees with Disabilities

This policy outlines Humber's obligations and responsibilities in the workplace accommodation process for employees with disability and provides guidance for its implementation.