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Equity and Inclusion Committee Structure

Committee Membership

  1. Four (4) Representatives from the local faculty union

  2. Four (4) Representatives from the local support staff union

  3. Two (2) Representatives from IGNITE

  4. The Director of Human Resources

  5. Director of Organizational Effectiveness

  6. Two Management representatives

  7. The Director, Human Rights, Equity, & Inclusion (staff)

  8. One Representative from the Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion

  9. One Member from Guelph-Humber

Composition & Tenure

The Equity and Inclusion Committee shall have 2 co-chairs, one chosen by the College representatives, and one by the Local Unions. The co-chairs will function as a coordinating committee and will plan meetings, set agendas, and take turns chairing the meetings and responsible for the minutes.

To ensure continuity and facilitate transition representatives of the Faculty Union, the Support Staff Union and IGNITE may serve up to 4 years on the EIC. However periodic rotation of members is important to foster committee renewal and change agents within the College. While periodic rotation of members is important to foster community renewal and change agents within the College, the Union locals however reserve the right to extend the tenure of representatives with the agreement of the Director, Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion, and such agreement shall not be unreasonably withheld.

Any member may with the consent of the committee invite an additional person(s) to attend the meeting to provide specific additional information and comment regarding a matter on the agenda, but the guest may not participate in the regular business of the committee.

Ad Hoc or Sub Committees may be formed to deal with specific projects or issues related to the mandate of the EIC. The committee will endeavour to ensure that all stakeholders are adequately represented when forming such groups.

Operational Guidelines

  • Quorum: 2 Faculty; 2 Management & 1 Support Staff
  • Frequency of Meetings: There will be a minimum of 6 meetings per year (monthly throughout the academic calendar). Members are allowed to miss a maximum of three meetings after which membership will be discontinued.
  • Intent: The parties agree to work in good faith to resolve issues among themselves
  • Decisions: Wherever possible agreements shall be reached by consensus, however as stated before - it is recognized that the Human Resources Department will be responsible for approving and implementing the employment equity action plans. Whenever consensus is not reached, decision shall be by vote, with quorum for voting purposes being equal representatives of Union and College.
  • Planning: Agendas will be circulated one week in advance of the meeting and minutes circulated within two weeks after the meeting.
  • Time: members of the EIC engaged in tasks required by their role on the committee shall be given release time from their regular duties to adequately perform those tasks.


The Equity and Inclusion Committee will conduct an annual evaluation process that assesses the accomplishments of the annual business plan.