Bomb Threat

A bomb threat at Humber may come to the attention of the receiver in various ways. It is important to compile as much information as possible when this occurs.

Note, the vast majority of bomb threats are false and are primarily intended to elicit a response from the building occupants.

In the case of a written threat, it is vital that the document is handled by as few people as possible, as this is evidence that should be turned over to the Department of Public Safety.

Most bomb threats are transmitted over the telephone; thus, the following instructions will be provided with that assumption.

In the event of a bomb threat, take the following action:

  • Remain calm
  • Pay attention to the caller and record as much detail as possible
  • Note any characteristics of the caller (gender, voice, age, accent, etc.)
  • Attempt to get information on the type of bomb/device, location and time of detonation
  • If the threat was sent by email or voice mail, secure all messages and do not discuss with anyone
  • Call extension 4000 or 416-675-8500 immediately
  • Report the occurrence to your supervisor (or in your supervisor’s absence, another Manager)

If you receive a bomb threat, please complete the bomb threat checklist here.

Should an evacuation be ordered, take direction from the police, security officers or members of Humber’s Emergency Response Team.