Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

The health and safety of students, employees, contractors and visitors, as well as the protection of the property and environment are integral to Humber’s operations. Proper planning will ensure a timely and appropriate response to emergencies and critical incidents in compliance with applicable laws, legal codes of practice and industry standards.

This document describes the Emergency Response Plan for Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and the University of Guelph-Humber (which will be referred to as “Humber”) and assigns responsibilities for the development, implementation and maintenance of the plan.

The Emergency Response Plan applies to all properties and departments at Humber, including employees, students, visitors and contractors. This plan establishes the basic framework for critical incident preparedness. It is not intended to cover every department’s needs. Therefore all departments are encouraged to supplement this plan to suit its own needs while remaining in compliance with this plan.

Incident (ERL Level 1):

A “minor” incident that is temporary in nature that requires action by designated emergency response personnel to prevent further damage. Incidents can be handled by Humber College’s own primary emergency response departments such as Security Services, Health & Safety, or Facilities Management. Some level 1 incidents may require assistance from first responders. Return to normal is almost immediate.

Emergency (ERL Level 2):

An urgent and/or critical situation, temporary in nature, which threatens and/or harms the health, safety or welfare of the environment, property, normal business operations or infrastructure at Humber College. Humber’s internal capabilities and resources are exceeded. Assistance from external first responders or similar agencies is needed to respond to, and to help minimize any potential negative impact. Return to normal may take a few days.

Catastrophic Event (ERL Level 3):

Catastrophic events result in serious harm to the health, safety, or welfare of people or animals, or in widespread damage to College property. The effects generally last an extended period of time. Recovery and return to “normal” operations is also prolonged.

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