Emergency Response Team



Humber has an Emergency Response Team (ERT) that is comprised of employees who have volunteered to assist with emergency response during daytime hours (8:30am - 4:30pm), Monday to Friday.

The primary function of the ERT is to prepare for the arrival of Toronto Fire Services by carrying out the tasks outlined below. ERT members also assist response to other emergencies such as bomb threats, active attackers, severe weather, etc.

ERT members do not fight fires and should not enter an area of suspected fire or other hazard. This is the responsibility of Toronto Fire Services.

Upon activation of the continuous fire alarm:

EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM (ERT) members shall, if safe to do so:

  • Immediately begin to evacuate occupants, making sure to check all areas including washrooms.
  • Make note of anyone refusing to leave or requiring special evacuation assistance.
  • Assist mobility, visually or hearing impaired occupants as necessary. If possible, solicit assistance from faculty members or passers-by.
  • After clearing their assigned floor(s) to the best of their ability, report to Parking/Security at the predetermined meeting place and report on the status of their search area, including anyone requiring special evacuation assistance. This information will be passed on to Toronto Fire Services upon their arrival.

There are meetings/training sessions for ERT at least once a year both in person and online to review the above procedures as well as the following topics: Active Attacker exercises, Bomb Threat Procedures, Severe Weather Closure, etc.