Hazardous Materials Incident

A hazardous materials incident at Humber may be a spill or release of chemicals, radioactive materials or biological materials inside a building or to the environment. The user may manage simple spills. Major spills or emergencies require emergency assistance from external services.

Simple Spill

  • Does not spread rapidly
  • Does not endanger people
  • Does not endanger the environment
  • Trained person may clean up

Major Spill or Emergency   

  • Spreads rapidly
  • Endangers people
  • Endangers environment
  • Call 9-911 (internal phone) and extension 4000 or 416-675-8500

In the event of a hazardous materials incident, the following action must be taken:

Simple Spills must be cleaned up by the person causing the spill.

Major Spills or emergencies:

  • Dial 9-911(internal phone) and also extension 4000 or 416-675-8500
  • Evacuate and leave area completely
  • Account for individuals
  • Always move toward the direction from which the wind is blowing
  • Wait for and provide information to responders
  • The decision that an incident is controlled and stabilized is made by the emergency responder department
  • The decision to re-occupy an area will be made by the emergency responders (fire, police, Ministry of the Environment)