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Does an employee need to complete an exception vacation carry-over form?

Note – This article is applicable for Full-time Admin staff only. 

Yes, an employee will need to complete and submit the Vacation Carry-over Exception form, by June 1 of each year, which can be found on the HR website, or by navigating to They will need to work with their manager to complete this form, as it requires information such as; Vacation Carryover Details, Reason(s) for Carry-over Exception, Plan for Using Excess Carry-over Days and Manager’s Recommendation/Comments. 

Once this form has been completed and approved by the Manager, the Manager must then sent the form to their department’s Vice President for their approval, followed by sending the form to Manager of Compensation and Benefits in Human Resources, who will work with Vice President of Human Resources, for their final approval. After receiving approval from Vice President of Human Resources, the manager must then share the form with their employee.