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How do I find an employee’s username (‘N’ number)?

Prior to a username (‘N number’) being generated, an offer must be created by the manager, approved and extended to the candidate by People(s) & Culture, accepted by the candidate, and People(s) & Culture has to move the candidate to the ‘Hire/HRIS’ step/status which processes their employee record within the HRMS.

Once the employee record has been processed within the HRMS, it will go to Banner to create a username (an ‘N number’ for new employees). Generating a username takes approximately 24 hours from when the above process steps are complete.

Once the username is generated, the candidate will receive an email with their Humber login credentials.  The manager will receive an email that includes the new hire’s username which can then be used to complete the IT Onboarding Form. Please note delegates will not receive the email with the new hire’s username, so if your delegate is responsible for onboarding the new hire, please forward the email to them.

If the manager does not receive the email, the new hire’s username can be found in Outlook by following these steps:

  1. In Outlook, on the Home tab, click ‘Address Book’
  2. Type the employee’s name in the search function
  3. When their name is highlighted, scroll to the right
  4. Under the ‘Alias’ column, their username will be listed

For an overview of the onboarding process, please refer to the How to Onboard a New Employee FAQ.