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What is the difference between the Record of Employment (ROE) and Letter of Employment (LOE)?

Record of Employment (ROE) This is a document that provides information on an individual’s employment history – it is required by Service Canada in order for an individual to apply for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits.  Employers are required to provide this form to Service Canada for an employee, specifically when the employee stops working or experiences an interruption of earnings that is seven consecutive calendar days or more.

Employers are required to issue an ROE each time an employee experiences an interruption of earnings and submit the document to Service Canada electronically.

This document will indicate the duration of employment, earnings, the reason for leaving, etc. Service Canada uses the information on the ROE to determine whether a person is eligible to receive EI benefits, and determine the benefit amount and the duration the benefits will be paid to the individual.

Employees can access an online copy of their ROE from their My Service Canada Account.

Should you have any questions or request a Record of Employment (ROE), please contact the HR Support Centre.

Note: When submitting a request for your ROE to the HR Support Centre, be sure to provide your name, employee number, and work assignment number so that your request can be actioned promptly.

To learn how to find the details of your employment/assignment information on the HRMS, please visit the View Employment Information job aid for step-by-step instructions.


Letter of Employment (LOE) – This is an employment verification letter, also known as a letter of employment, job letter or proof of income letter.  This is used to verify the income and employment history of the individual at the College.  This letter is issued by the Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness – HR Systems Operations team, upon request by the employee.

This letter will indicate the employee’s status of employment, start date, end date (if applicable), title and salary. This is normally requested for opening a bank account or other bank-related transactions, mortgage application(s), and other legal transactions.

To request a Letter of Employment, please contact the HR Support Centre

Note: When requesting a Letter of Employment, it is mandatory that you provide an email address for all e-form requests as well as phone requests to the HR Support Centre. This allows for verification and will streamline the process.

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