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(FT) How to Create an Offer


In order to create an offer for a full-time or Appendix D job, the job must have been posted on the career portals.

If you are hiring a new full-time faculty employee, a salary calculation must be completed by the Associate Dean and approved by the HR Business Partner or Talent Acquisition Advisor prior to creating an offer for the candidate. The approved salary calculation must be attached to the candidate’s profile on the requisition on HRMS (refer to step 5 below).

If you are hiring a new full-time administrative employee, ensure to discuss the salary you are offering with your HR Business Partner prior to making an offer to the candidate.

Reference checks should be conducted prior to creating an offer.


How to perform this action within HRMS: 

Step 1 – Attach a Salary Calculation (if required)

Step 2 – Create an Offer

Note: Refer to the Recruitment Offer Matrix which outlines which fields are required on the offer for each hire scenario type.

Step 3 – Use the Assignment Search Report (if required)

Step 4 – Request Approval for the Offer


Next steps in the process:

Once you have requested approval of an offer, the Talent Acquisition Advisor will review the offer. If the offer is approved, the Talent Acquisition Advisor will extend the offer to the candidate. The candidate will receive an email from ‘Humber College Talent Acquisition Team’ and they must follow the link in the offer email to login to review and respond to their offer within five business days. The manager will receive an email notification indicating whether the candidate has accepted or rejected the offer.

If the offer is not approved by the Talent Acquisition Advisor, you will receive an email notification indicating why the offer was rejected. You are required to create the offer again with the required changes and request approval from the Talent Acquisition Advisor again.

Note: Only HR extends offers to candidates. Managers and Delegates do not extend offers. 

Once the candidate has accepted their offer, HR will move the candidate to the ‘Hire/HRIS’ step/status which processes their employee record within HRMS.

Once the candidate has accepted their offer, the manager is responsible for contacting the unsuccessful interviewed candidates to inform them the role has been filled.

If the candidate rejects the offer, please contact the candidate to ask why. Depending on the reason, you may want to discuss with your HR Business Partner whether a revised offer should be created/extended to the candidate (for example, if they rejected the offer because they were expecting a higher salary).

For detailed information on how to onboard a new employee, please refer to the following article for How to Onboard a New Employee.


Helpful Resources: 



Contact your Talent Acquisition Advisor if you require support for this process.