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Who can I call or email in HR to see if a position has been filled, and/or check on the status of my application?

We appreciate your interest in working at Humber, however the HR Department is not able to provide information about the status of a job competition to ensure the process is fair for applicants.

All of our positions vary in terms of the number of applicants and departmental needs. There is no standard period of time for a position to be filled. You can log into your account with the Humber career portal to review your submission(s) and check the status update of positions you’ve applied for under the “My Job Page” section. Once a position has been filled, you will be able to see this in your portal; if the position does not show as filled, we are still in the recruitment process.

Please keep in mind that unionized positions are directed at current employees in accordance with each respective collective agreement.  However, after the internal candidate process is completed, external applicants will be considered if necessary.  Under the external candidate process, only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.