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How do employees with multiple assignments (contracts) enter time cards?

If you are an employee with multiple assignments (contracts), it is imperative that you ensure to enter time on a time card for the correct assignment when submitting your time cards.

Before you enter your hours in the HRMS, please refer to the Employment Information section, to view your assignment details. The assignment details will help you determine which assignment you must enter time for. Note – time submitted against an incorrect assignment, may result in a delay or incorrect pay.

For a step-by-step guide on how to find your Assignment Numbers when there are multiple assignments, please review the Checking Employment Information (Multiple Assignments) knowledge article.

Managers and Delegates must also ensure that they are approving hours for the correct assignment number for their employees.

REMINDER: Appendix D, NFT Professors, Partial Load Professors, Clinical Instructors, Sessional Professors and CE Instructors are paid on assignment for regular hours.  Please do not submit regular hours, as indicated in your contract, on the time cards.