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What are the impacts of an employee’s offer being created and/or accepted after their start date?

There are several impacts if a manager doesn’t create a candidate’s offer until after their start date (including renewing a current employee’s contract), as well as if a candidate does not accept their offer until after their start date. The impacts may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. A new employee will not have access to Humber resources, including being able to log in to a computer.
  2. A new employee will not be able to log in to the HRMS, thus they will not be able to enter their banking information.
  3. Whether it’s a new or existing employee, they will not be able to enter time cards (if required) because their new assignment won’t exist yet in HRMS. The manager will not be able to enter time on behalf of the new employee until the hiring process is complete.
  4. An employee will only be able to enter time two weeks back from when their assignment was created in HRMS. If they need to enter time further back, contact your Talent Acquisition Advisor for assistance.
  5. The items listed above will most likely mean the employee’s pay will be impacted.

To avoid a disruption to an employee’s pay, the manager must ensure offers are created well in advance of the employee’s start date. The manager should follow up with the employee if an offer is extended but not accepted within 5 business days. Employees must understand the importance of accepting their offer in a timely manner.