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How to View My Vacation Plan Details and Accrual Rate

By clicking on your Vacation Plan hyperlink (in screenshot above, HC Vacation Support) you can access more details about your vacation plan.


Balance Calculation Date:
The Balance Calculation Date, by default, will be populated by the end of the current pay period. However, this date can be adjusted to project future vacation balances by entering the desired date and clicking the ‘Arrow‘ icon to the right of the date. In order to determine if one is at risk to forfeit vacation days (see below for more details), the employee can use the date prior to the forfeiture day (e.g. June 30th for Support Staff, and August 31st for Administrative Staff).

Plan Period Start Date:
The Plan Period Start Date indicates the start of the vacation year. For Support Staff, this is July 1, for Administrative Staff, this is Sept. 1.

The Balance indicated here is the balance as of the Balance Calculation Date. This takes into account only absences and accruals up to the entered date.

Details Tab:
The details tab provides details on how your balance adds up. This includes your Periodic Accrual (which is equal to your annual entitlement spread out over 26 pay periods) as well as you absences. This may also include any Adjustments made by HR or any days that are carried over or forfeited at the beginning of the new vacation year.


Summary Tab:
The Summary Tab compiles all the information that is found on the details tab and provides totals for the current vacation year. (Please see screenshot below)

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