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Which employee groupings do and do not enter time cards on the HRMS?

Actions that an employee can perform on the HRMS depend on their Employee type.

The different employee types/groupings are as follows: ​

  • Full-Time Admin Employee​
  • Non Full-Time (NFT) Admin Employee working Full-Time Hours​
  • Ignite Staff​
  • Full-Time (Academic)​ Employee
  • Full-Time (Support)​ Employee
  • Appendix D​ Employee
  • Partial Load Employee (Paid on Assignment)​
  • Employees Entering Hours on a Time Card (Positive Time Entry): Part-Time Support, NFT Admin Employee working Part-Time Hours, Student Employees, Work Study Students, Project of a Non-Recurring Kind (PNRK) – non-recurring contracts (over 24 hours), Contract Instructors, Contract Instructors (Truckers), Music Coaches, Ignite Elect, Appendix G, NFT Librarians, NFT Counsellors
  • NFT Employees Who are Paid on Assignment Based on an Approved Contract (Continuing Education Instructors, Sessional Instructors, Sessional Librarians, Sessional Counsellors, Part-Time Instructors, Clinical Instructors)

Employee Groupings that DO NOT enter hours on HRMS are:

  • Full-Time Admin Employees, NFT Admin Employees working Full-Time Hours, Ignite Staff; Full-time (Academic) Employees

Employee Types that enter hours that are not regular (Exception Time – e.g. overtime) on HRMS are:

  • Full-time (Support) Employee and Appendix D Employee

Please review the Employee Groupings Matrix to see who does what on the HRMS.